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Anti-nuclear protests at 100 German locations this Saturday

Diet Simon | 21.10.2010 23:15 | Ecology | Energy Crisis | Repression

Opponents of nuclear electricity generation will gather at 100 locations throughout Germany coming Saturday (23 Oct) to protest against the trucking and railing of nuclear waste hither and thither across the country.

Organisers claim that at least 500 additional consignments of CASTOR containers will travel if the operating lives of 17 nuclear power stations are extended, which the conservative-led government plans to do by parliamentary decision next Thursday, 28 Oct.

Castor container
Castor container

The protests will highlight the absence of any final waste repository anywhere on the globe as more and more waste accumulates – 450 tonnes a year in Germany.

The 100 demo locations are along routes to be taken by consignments of CASTORS, each of which contains about as much radioactive Caesium as was released into the atmosphere by the April 1986 Chernobyl meltdown in Ukraine.

Berthold Friess, a southern regional leader of the BUND environment group, notes that given the annual production of about 450 tonnes of radioactive waste, letting power stations continue for 12 extra years would add 500 CASTORS.

A north German protest coordinator, Peter Dickel, predicts that many people will take part on Saturday “who for various reasons won’t travel to central big events. On route action day everyone can show that they reject atomic energy with their own means and in their own ways in their neighbourhoods.”

Recent anti-nuclear demonstrations mobilised 100,000 people in Berlin, 50,000 in Munich

From 5 to 7 November 11 CASTORS are expected to move from a recycling plant in northern France to Gorleben in northern Germany, expected to cause thousands of people to demonstrate (see

This Saturday’s actions will be along routes from Wörth via Karlsruhe to Gorleben, from Karlsruhe to Lubmin and from Jülich to Ahaus. CASTOR transports are due on all three routes within weeks or early next year..

Andreas Raschke, spokesman for southwest German anti-nuclear groups, says the routes action day serves as preparation for the arrival from France of the Gorleben consignment, which crosses the border in the southwest.

“The nuclear course of the government is whipping up a storm of fury across the country, shown not only by the recent big demonstrations,” commented the Robin Wood activist group. “All over the country new initiatives have been formed in recent weeks to stand in the way of this nuclear insanity of the government.
“There’s strong participation in the routes action day,” wrote their „ Christina Albrecht.

“The atomic waste is carted back and forth and parked in socalled interim storages on the surface. People have understood that this is no solution, so they’re taking personal control of politics.”

Diet Simon


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22.10.2010 06:51

Coal, gas, oil and atomic energy is destroying the planets livability and therefore the last forty-five years of ecological green revolution has brought into being the hi and low tech tools to put in place wind, tidal, and solar power which transforms to electricity and is more power than all societies can use. No more blackouts. This non-pollution solution is given freely in natures kinder laws and provides work for all and forever more. Viva socialist liberation. End pollution wars, not endless wars for more and more pollution.

Hans B.