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Crude Awakening Blockade

crude awakening | 19.10.2010 06:30 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Energy Crisis | London

On Saturday 16th October, Climate campaigners gave the Oil Industry a Crude Awakening, taking direct action against the industry for its role in exacerbating climate change, as well as its devastating impact on local communities and environments around the world. Three blocs starting from three different places, one mass action - "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty". 


Coryton Oil Refinery / Shell Haven Oils near Stanford-le-Hope.

The action

On the day, 500 people took direct action against the oil industry in a well co-ordinated blockade with different groups approaching from different directions and different blockades - 12 bamboo tripods, loadsa arm tube lockons, two vehicle blockades with people locked on underneath and more and more arm tubes with people locked on together. Sound systems - for updates and music, folks on stilts, giant chalk, pushing past police lines, running along fields, jumping streams and climbing fences, defending the space, defending each other, blocking the distribution of oil. Amazing.

Hundreds of tankers were stopped from leaving the two sites. In total the Crude Awakening estimates it stopped 375,000 gallons of oil from flowing into London.

No arrests were made during the day.

Crude Awakening was part of the Climate Justice Action's global week of action for climate justice, and was supported by a coalition of direct action groups: Space Hijackers, Plane Stupid, Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, Rising Tide, Climate Camp, Liberate Tate, Earth First, UK Tar Sands network.

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