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The EDL Are Nazis

'Malatesta' | 16.10.2010 10:04 | Anti-racism | South Coast

The continued denials by the English Defence League that they are not nazis is beginning to sound very foolish as the evidence piles ever higher.

With many thanks to UK Fightback for sharing information!

The English Defence League’s relationship with the truth is almost as good as their relationship with the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) whose members they have been making threatening noises about on their website (the thread is called Know Your Enemy). The EDL are politically naïve and have yet to learn that in a highly mediated society it is not what you say but how you are represented that makes an impression on the public. The EDL continue to show themselves in a bad light by getting drunk and causing trouble with the cops, and their stewards are no longer able to contain the violence, as they admit on their forum. Attacking members of local communities does not help either - as we saw in Leicester with the heroic defeat of Militant Islam in the form of frightened women and kids in a restaurant. The EDL threaten the very people who control their media image and who could actually help present the EDL in a more positive light. Threatening journalists is not a classic example of political efficacy. The violent footage from Leicester is doing the rounds on YouTube and yet again we see the ‘peaceful’ and ‘non-racist’ EDL attacking Asian people and making Nazi salutes.

Sieg Heil?
Lancaster UAF have posted yet another damning video on
Watch at 2.40 for the obligatory Sieg Heil. As the evidence continues to mount the EDL ‘leadership,’ who clearly have no control over who attends the demos, continue to deny far right connections. They rather tiredly point to the token mixed race Joel Titus, Guramit Singh and ‘Glasgow’ Ali as well as their Jewish section. Do the Jewish section enforce an anti-Sieg Heiling policy on the demos? Didn’t think so. Also, where were the much trumpeted LGBT brigade on Saturday? In Serbia on the Pride march perhaps? These are paper members of Facebook who do not count on the day. It is people on demos that make an impact.

EDL Nazis
The continued denial of the EDL’s Nazi membership is hollow and completely unbelievable. The documentation of known fascist connections increases daily. The following is a list of BNP and Nazi connected members, courtesy of UK Fightback.

Leader Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, former BNP member.
EDL website was set-up by BNP activist Chris Renton.
EDL co-founder Paul Ray described Chris Renton as "de-facto Commander of the EDL." Paul Ray says he's been ostracized from the EDL for opposing Chris Renton linking with Combat 18 (C18).
EDL organizers Steven White and Luke Pippen are Combat 18 activists.
C18 activist Bryan Powell is an official BNP steward.
EDL Facebook + You Tube chat shows hundreds of EDL support racists like the BNP, NF, Blood and Honour, BFF, C18 and KKK.
EDL Wayne Baldwin has been pictured in a Swastika T-shirt.
EDL supporter Earl Turner has been shown wearing a British Freedom Fighters t-shirt
The Welsh Defence League is riddled with Nazis.
Scottish press famously revealed that dual membership of Scottish BNP and Scottish Defence League is almost 100%.
2nd in command Kevin Carroll nominated a BNP candidate for election, but claims he was tricked into doing this and claims he can't be racist because he says he has a mixed-race daughter.
WDL finally ostracised Swansea C18 for refusing to stop making Nazi salutes on demos but Jeff Marsh is still happy to work with the known C18 members with whom he currently runs the WDL.
Luke Pippen Swansea C18 member runs the Casuals United Blog with EDL Wales / WDL founder Jeff Marsh.
Steven White, Jeff Marsh’s assistant has a Swastika tattoo on his chest and was pictured holding British Freedom Fighters t-shirt.

So, clearly a non-racist organisation. In case you don’t know: Combat 18 are an ageing Nazi organisation who had its day back in the 90s when it dissolved into infighting and murder. Several members of the British Freedom Fighters (BFF) were recently jailed over internet racism and bomb charges. Blood & Honour is a racist white noise music organisation started by dead Nazi Ian Stewart Donaldson. The National Front (NF) are a long established fascist party who are currently benefitting from the implosion of the BNP. The mass of data, photographs and videos of the EDL seig-heiling and generally being drunken buffoons makes their claim of being peaceful and non-racist sound very foolish but again, this is yet another example of their political naivety. On openly Nazi forums like VNNuk posters admit their enthusiasm for the EDL:
‘A friend of mine went with a dozen of his mates … the EDL battered fuck out of The Ethnics. He said he never saw any ethnics with the EDL and him and the 2 or 3 thousand there couldn't give a fuck about Israel or Zionism and all they care about is beating up ethnics and Muslims in particular.’
And also
‘Fuck all those who shout Zionist sympathisers and all the rest of it. For the vast majority it just isn't about's about making a stand against an aggressive invader who has seriously abused the indigenous people of these Isles.’
The evidence of the English Defence League’s connections with fascist and Nazi organisations is now undeniable. But of course this will not stop them denying it.

PS: As we are apparently plagiarizing other people’s research today, here is an entertaining link to the BDF forum about the Green Arrow AKA Paul Morris.
PPS: Veteran Nazi drunk and Saltdean sofa soaker Pete ‘Sid’ Williamson was battered last weekend in Brighton by one of his Nazi ‘comrades’!

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The cuts are more important

16.10.2010 11:16

Why are people concerning themselfs with the EDL when the people of this country are about to face the biggest cuts in history.

Indymedia should be renamed the EDL PR department, everyday this is a boring article about them.

Who fucking cares about the ED fucking L?

Who cares

But we need better logic

16.10.2010 12:24

All geese are birds does not imply all birds are geese.

Please, I am NOT meaning to say that we can't come up with evidence to indicate that the EDL folks ARE Nazis. Just that presenting evidence that they are fascists of some sort doesn't allow us to jump to claiming that they are fascists of the Nazi sort.

All Naizs are fascists but it isn't true that all fascists are Nazis. There are other sorts of fascists possible. Fascism is a much broader category.


Even more Nazis in the EDL than there are in the BNP

16.10.2010 13:05

Q: "The Left are terrorists... using intimidation and threats to get their way"? A: Most people on the left are not terrorists, most people on the left use education, debate and democratic processes to try and persuade people to support "their way"

Q: "The cuts are more important"? A: Yes the cuts are more important, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't also campaign against racist violence

Q: "Presenting evidence that (the EDL) are fascists of some sort doesn't allow us to jump to claiming that they are fascists of the Nazi sort". A: The evidence you're talking about proves the EDL in question ARE "Fascists of the Nazi sort" (Combat 18, Blood and Honour, the BFF and KKK are explicitly Hitlerite, National Socialist, Nazi groups)

Photo 1 - EDL Birmingham Division activist Wayne Baldwin
Photo 2 - Wayne Baldwin in Swastika T-shirt with Welsh Defence League activist Earl Turner wearing BFF T-shirt


C18 activist Bryan Powell is an official EDL steward

16.10.2010 13:48

My mistake originally, but the article should have read "C18 activist Bryan Powell is an official EDL steward", here's the proof

UK Fightback

sid the sofa soaker

16.10.2010 18:15

Hi Malatesta. Where can we find more info about Saltdean Sofa soaker battering last weekend? Curious to read juicy details :)

concerned of Brighton

EDL are facist

16.10.2010 20:36

Neptune states that facism is the worship of the state. this is a very limited definition and not thought through well at all. However - if facism is the worship of the state than the EDL are facist, they constantly blather on about "England" and "Britain" they are nationalists in the extreme = even to the point of ignoring the fact that it is other "English" people that have fucked over their beloved England far more than the Muslims (i.e. the Bankers and other assorted capitalist scum)
Plus there is far more than a "few" nazis in the ranks of the EDL - many nazis, i.e. Mike "Wigan Mike" Heaton, that scrawny little tosser Puke Pippin, the fat twat Wayne Bladwin etc have or do still hold high ranking positions in the EDL and nothing has been done by the EDL to stop them, the EDL is getting - or revealing tiself to be - more and more Nazi everytime we see them, your denials are laughable as they are wrong.


Sid Slapped

17.10.2010 08:30

Far be it for the Malatesta Articles to turn into a gossip column but the dope is that Sid Wiiliamson was battered in Brighton last week by a comrade, ‘Darren’ whoever he may be. Sid, ‘having strong drink taken,’ staggered over to where ‘Darren’ was sitting and imposed his urinous bulk upon him and began blathering on. ‘Darren’ remained unamused and finally having enough, gave his Sidness a slap sending the fat wap off with a flea in his ear. Emmis!

Neptune, your leadership and key members are fascists. What does that make your organisation? If the leadership of a socialist party are socialists then therefore they follow a socialist agenda. See the logic now?

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Sid Slapped: The Truth!

17.10.2010 10:24

The gossip column is now open on the Malatesta blog. This is the link from NWN Nazi forum about Sid getting a good beating. Enjoy! And Sid, if you are reading, please respond and say it ain't so! Yet another nationalist hero bites the dust.

and just to remind what the great nationalist warrior looks like,

check out his little medals!

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