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Jimmy Mubenga posters in South London

Pixie | 15.10.2010 21:20 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

Because of the current practical media blackout and misinformation surrounding the events aboard BA Flight 77 where Jimmy Mubenga was murdered, anti deportation activists have taken it upon themselves to inform people about these tragic and disgusting events.

Jimmy Mubenga was murdered by 3 G4S security guards acting on behalf of the UK Border Agency. He was being deported, on BA flight 77, to Angola, where he had made an enemy of the ruling military regime as a young man. Despite appearing calm when he borded the Plane, within minutes he had been attacked by the G4S guards. He was held down by the three men for up to 45 minutes, despite being in handcuffs. He was reported to be screaming "I can't breath!" and "They're going to kill me!"

After around 10 Minutes, the screaming stopped and Jimmy fell unconscious. He was taken to hospital and announced dead on arrival, having died from positional asphyxia.

Despite the shocking nature of these events, and the fact both Jimmy's family and several MPs are calling for an urgent inquiry, only the Guardian is currently running the story including Witness Statements. The BBC is still running the offical UKBA/G4S statment that he "fell ill" and was rushed to Hospital.

In response to this deafening silence, activists from South London have plastered the area from Elephant and Castle to Peckham with posters holding the Witness statements, and other info. We strongly urge people to copy this simple action in order to spread the news of this Governmental murder. Once people know what happened on that fatal flight, the true fight back against this racist brutality can begin!



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