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Group 4 Murder Angolan Migrant during Deportation

No Borderer | 14.10.2010 23:45 | Migration | Repression | World

An Angolan man was suffocated to death by three G4S guards who were forcibly deporting him back to Angola, they used handcuffs and 'restraint' techniques which involved putting pressure on his back and pushing his head into his lap.

According to witnesses he struggled and shouted for ten minutes, "i can't breathe, they are going to kill me" whilst being held down by the G4S guards. Many passengers were pushed away from him into first class to avoid them seeing the reality of migration politics in the UK.

He lost conciousness and was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. G4S released a statement to the effect of: "a detainee was ill and on the flight and died in hospital".

This is the reality of the murderous borders, people who don't fit into the correct 'citizen' model, who don't have the right papers, who don't 'belong' in the UK are brutally treated and deported with fatal results. Whether or not the deaths occur in the detention centre, on the flight, after deportation, during a dangerous illegal border crossing is irrelevant, the fact is Borders Kill!

Fuck their deportations, solidarity to all migrants and especially the Mubenga family at this time.

No Borders

No Borderer


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Even Cabbages have Borders.

15.10.2010 04:27

If you don't provide a cabbage water, fertile soil, sunshine and proper weeding, the cabbage doen't grow and flourish. You can see all the living world has borders. and in this case the borders are proper water, soil conditions, sunshine and proper weeding.

What Marx complained about was fascist borders that didn't allow the workers of the world to unite properly. The world's people live with languages, borders, culture etc., and they can and do provide a happy and harmonious condition most of the time. What anon is complaining about is not borders but real fascism of which the laws of the UK are signed on to prohibit.

The problem is those border guards are not allowed to kill and murder the people they are abusing. The laws prohibit that from anti-fascist international laws and national laws and so they ought to be arrested and put on in an international anti-fascist trial, and then transfered to their national courts that also disallow the murdering of the peoples. Workers of the world, unite!!


Stop G4.

15.10.2010 18:41

Group 4 huh?

Those pesky guards who went around an asylum seeker detention centre, smashing up their own centre and pretending it was some kind of a riot (yet CCTV evidence proving it wrong in court and sullying Labour and G4's image at the same time back in about 1997)?

Nothing has changed. These organisations should be shut down once and for all.


Victorian Britain.

16.10.2010 09:30

"Borders SAVE LIVES you idiot. Why the hell do you think they evolved?
It was a defensive mechanism so that one group could protect themselves from another"

Borders do NOT save lives.

This story itself clearly proves that isn't true. We have countless cases on Indymedia where people have been deported for a whole range of reasons, all of them involving bureaucracy which has been proven to be completely unconcerned with the welfare of those it has taken charge over.

In the modern world, borders exist to 'trap wealth' and lock people into, or out of the mechanisms that grant access to that wealth.

There are countless examples around the world of borders being used to prevent movement of people for other, less understandable reasons.

Australia has a climate in the north ideal to live in if you have TB for instance, by going to Australia you can simply allow your environment to treat you naturally. But no, one of the conditions of emigration is that you do not have TB. You must not travel to Australia to get better naturally, you must stay at home and financially prop up the drug companies instead.

Borders used to be about protection, now they are about access to, and denial of wealth.

Death during deportation is killing to preserve that wealth.

It is squalid.


not likely

16.10.2010 10:53

So what your are really talking about is enforced redistribution of wealth.

Well, good luck with that one. Somehow i don't think you'll be getting much support with the line: "You will be poorer because your wealth will be taken off you and giving to those whos needs are greater than yours."

Work? What would be the fucking point. Work so that a state can take the money off you and give it to someone else. Fuck that.