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HLS site demos

SHAC | 10.10.2010 12:02 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Repression | Cambridge

On 21st and 22nd October 2010 there will be demonstrations at both laboratories.

Huntingdon Life Sciences are a contract testing laboratory who torture 500 animals to death every single day in experiments for everything from GM foods to artificial sweeteners, from pesticides to fridge coolants. They also have some very unpleasant bedfellows Shell, Union Carbide, Bayer, Roche, Cargill.....the list is extensive all have paid for sentient beings to suffer immeasurably and die in their own blood, terror and vomit at HLS.

On the 21st and 22nd October 2010 the second round of sentencing of SHAC activists will take place in Winchester and the demonstrations are planned at the gates of HLS to make it very clear that the animal rights movement will not abandon those imprisoned behind the gates and that whatever they do to our freinds in court that we will continue to protest against the atrocities carried out daily at Wooley and Occold.

Anti repression and environmental activists, all activists (with the obvious exception of facists) in fact are most welcome.

21st October 2010 will be at HLS Occold 12.00-18.00. This is off the beaten track but look for Occold on the map and the lab is signposted. The nearest town is Eye.

22nd October 2010 will be at HLS Wooley 12.00-18.00. This is right by the A1 take the first left northbound after the A14/A1 roundabout.

Please note at both labs you will need to park at some distance away, that both demos have been arranged with the police for very good reasons.

The mobile number for both days is 07891 639803.

If the sentencing goes on until Monday there will be more demonstrations then at a site to be announced.

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Other regional demos planned as well.

11.10.2010 00:36

There will also be regional demos at Ciba Vision (Novartis) Hedge End, Southampton. Sandoz (Novartis) Bordon, Hampshire, Astra Zenica, Brixham, Devon, High Gate Farm ,Lincolnshire, Bayer and BMS in Uxbridge and it's looking like loads of other sites as well. Travel to HLS or Winchester if you can but if not pick a local target and get busy.

Andy Robbins

Novartis, AZ, GSK, BMS and Bayer demos

11.10.2010 00:47

There will also be regional demos against HLS on the 21st and 22nd (and maybe the monday) for those who can't make it to HLS or want to do something in the time they waste waiting around in Winchester (their are two Novartis sites near by). Watch this space......................

Andy Robbins

Better outside the court

11.10.2010 07:44

Let them hear your anger - let them know their sacrifice isn't in vain!


outside the labs

11.10.2010 08:20

I am sure that the activists due in court for them days would rather have you out there on protests outside the labs rather than wasting your time, money and effect outside the court.
I'm sure they know the solidarity you all have for them and what better way to show it more to continue their fight that they had taken away from them by spending your day at the labs.

See you all there !


No - outside the court - disrupt their press setpiece

11.10.2010 08:36

The filth will be outside crowing about the sentences and telling the world that SHAC is over. We need to show them that isn't the case!

I'll be outside the court. The labs will be there the next day.


@ disruptor

11.10.2010 09:58

So you will do exactly the opposite of what the defendants want then? I am sure they will be eternally grateful to you for giving the state an excuse for giving out greater sentences. All in all this is not your future at stake. By all means do what you think is for the best but be very careful to note that angry protests outside the court whilst sentencing is taking place will do nothing but help the police and media hysteria.
This is exactly why people are going to HLS and other sites instead to highlight the evil of HLS and to show solidarity with the defendants.

Lynn Sawyer