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Britain's biggest social security scrounger is to visit Brighton this week.

Brighton Eye | 10.10.2010 09:43

Elizabeth Windsor from London is to visit Brighton later this week. Mrs Windsor, an OAP who lives in a large property in London at public expense, is to make a personal visit. Is it a coincidence that the "renovations" of a property in Home Farm Road are also to take place?

Elizabeth Windsor, who has lived on state benefits all her life, together with her family, is rumoured to be visiting Brighton on Friday, 15 October. Mrs Windsor has occupied many residences at public expense, including one in London. The forthcoming caps on Housing Benefits are thought to be an issue. She will need to relocate to a cheaper property outside London.

It is known she is to visit the Brighton and Hove City Council offices at Bartholomew Square. The local councillors and staff are waiting to assist her, they have even been prepared to leave their "offices" in the pubs, clubs and Masonic Lodges to see her.

It is not known whether Mrs Windsor will use the opportunity to make a homeless application to Brighton and Hove City Council. The council, renown for penalising the poor whilst assisiting the rich, refused to give further details.

There is local speculation that the visit coincides with the "renovations" to a property at EDO in Home Farm Road this week. A local spokesperson said, "We have heard rumours about this visit and after the EDO place has undergone the planned renovations, it is possible that there will be a room or two for Mrs Windsor to squat in while she awaits council housing".

Elizabeth Windsor is also known by other names as The Queen, Her Maj and Brenda. Should you see her in Brighton, do make her welcome.

Brighton Eye


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Whose Con trick

10.10.2010 20:37

Social Security Scroungers do not make our beloved Politicians safer by attracting the more stupid Assasin's bullets away from their true targets. Nor do they get dilapidated premises redecorated by annoncing an intention to visit. Nor do they take on the Duty to make public spectacles of themselves to entertain huge crowds of people including money spending foreigners.

Brighton needs to open its eye to the benefit of never having to vote for some corrupt degenerate Politician to be President, and the costs of all that. Say nothing to make those we have conned into being Royals think. They were skillfully indoctrinated with their Duty and the duty to pass on that Duty by indoctrinating their own children.