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Free School Weekend 8-10th October 2010

IMC Sheffield | 08.10.2010 15:13 | Education | Free Spaces | Sheffield

The UK's Con-Dem government is promoting 'Free Schools' without realising that there is a long and proud history of counter-cultural, libertarian free schools across the world.

Here, the Sheffield Social Centre group organised a free school on the weekend of 8th to 10th October 2010 at 7 Smithfield, S3 7AR.

The weekend was well attended and included, urban scrumping, the UK premiere of Psywar (watch online | download | bittorrent | audio version), discussions about what is a social centre? and how can we bring about radical change in our society? and much more.

Photos: Images from Sheffield Free School | Sheffield Free School abundance urban scrumping

Audio: How can we bring about radical change in our society? | What is a social centre? | What's happening at the Free School?

Sheffield Social Centre group is building on a series of actions over the years, like the 2010 Temporary Autonomous Arts space (TAA) and the long-running Matilda free space. They intend to establish a permanent 'autonomous space' for political and other activities. The intention is a long-term plan, but meanwhile the weekend schedule for October is online on their website

It's a way of bringing together the energy, skills, and sheer fun of doing things together, just because we can ... and working towards social change. There is a busy line-up planned, of workshops, discussion and lively activity, from Friday evening till Sunday (which incidentally has the dramatically memorable date 10/10/10).

At the time of writing the planned agenda includes:

  • Workshops including: bicycle repair, open-source software (like Linux),
  • non-hierarchical decision-making, online security for activists, and permaculture
  • 'Urban Scrumping'
  • The UK premiere of "Psywar", a film about corporate and government propaganda, and other films
  • Free shop for donated clothes and books
  • Environmental crafts for kids
  • Collaborative artwork
  • Discussions including: social centres, radical change, queer theory, community organising, non-violent direct action and anarcho-feminism
  • Yoga classes

Come along for an insight into a more real, hands-on world than the Con-Dem government, or any government, could never offer.

IMC Sheffield