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Report of actions during the No Border

dfg | 07.10.2010 19:30 | Anti-racism | World

The No Border camp in Brussels has been subject to harsh punishment, this repression prevented the majority of public actions (such as Wednesday and Friday demos or the "game-action" on Thursday) and a lot of others. Despite this repression and the violence in the police stations, a few actions took place during the week. This is an attempt to list it... To be completed?

Against STIB (Brussels transport company, participates in mass arrests of undocumented immigrants):
Machines to control and sell the tickets were destroyed in three subway stations ( Other inspection machines were damaged in the trams.

A few buildings of companies involved in the deportation machine have been visited (graffitis and windows smashed):
CarlsonWagonLit et Randstatd (, Serco (, Sodexho (, Steria (, Dalkia (

A Frontex meeting has been blocked by some activists, the front house was painted ( An action against Frontex took place in Brussels airport (

A police station has ben attacked, windows smashed, 2 cops injuried and some of their cars destroyed (

The facade of the Italian Embassy was covered with shit and graffiti to protest against the deportation of Roma people and the recent agreements with Libya on immigration ( articles/196).

A symbolic action took place against the offices of BP's lobbying in Brussels (

Sodexho, providing food in many prisons and detention centres, received a visit from a group of people who poured 40 liters of oil inside the building ( http://bxl.indymedia. org/articles/180).

The facade of the cultural representation of southern Germany has been sacked for protesting against the repression of a demonstration in Stuttgart (

A recruitment session of the Brussels police has been disrupted by several activists (

The doors of the IOM (International Organisation for Migration) were blocked with glue (

On Saturday, the No Border demo brought nearly 1,500 participants to the Bourse (

"Discussion actions" with banlieue people were held throughout the week. A lot of people met on the camp, in the streets and in the cells. A lot of “visitors” know the city... and the police. Many ideas and projects pop up. It only depends on us to not let all these meetings and common desires be wasted...



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