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Riots in Amsterdam against the squatting ban

ACAB | 02.10.2010 12:43 | Repression | Social Struggles

Mass demo, a squatted house and street battles. Fuck the Krakverbod!

The day started with a mass demo of more than 800 people of all ages and backgrounds protesting through the main streets, a house was squatted along the route to show the powers that be that squatting will continue even with these attempted repression, there was music and food.

Shortly after the mass moved off and was attacked by riot cops, horses also charged from behind and separated the masses. With bricks and sticks peoples moved to the side streets to set up barricades and continued to batter the riot cops who didn't know what hit them. Tear gas was used and groups of undercover and riot cops were held back with bricks as the protesters turned cars and set fire to barricades as they moved off along the canals towards the center, a bank was attacked and shortly after when snatch squads were seen around the area people fell into the shadows ready for another day.

All together 11 confirmed arrests, reported 2 cops and horses injured and several protesters in hospital.

video here

Whatever they say squatting will stay!



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this is not just about squatting

04.10.2010 11:26

this is not jsut about squatting.

in the netherlands people are angry, the anger of the squatters has been tempered for the last years through legaity now this is gone and nothing more is left to lose in terms of legality.

besides the squatting ban, a new government is forming and basing itself around geert wilders, despite wilders "freedom party" only receiving a small percentage of the vote.
with wilders involved the new government is seeking to push through many new right wing measures; the cutting back of the parliament to only a hundred seats. making not having the correct papers also acriminal offence. illegalising muslim head scarves. tougher immigration laws. harder sentencing. the list goes on.
the netherlands is either already or quickly falling into the hands of right wing popularism.

we will beat this law, then we will beat them and then we will erase all laws


You have our support!

08.10.2010 08:26

We are reading what is going with you from the Balkans. You have our support.