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Callout: Anarchists Against The Cuts

Anarcho | 25.09.2010 18:14

It's Not Business, It's Personal
This is a call-out to the Anarchist community in the UK to get involved with the building anti-cuts movement. We call for anarchists and other more militant/radical members of the left to start a campaign of direct action, demonstrations, outreach and civil disobedience against the cuts and the state as a whole.

The foundations of a major anti-cuts movement are already in place with campaigns, groups and alliances forming across the country with particular activity in the south west and north east of England.

In Bristol and Bath the unions and the mainstream left have formed anti-cuts alliances. As stated in previous articles on this site we should not seek to create a separate parallel campaign to these groups, on the contrary we encourage the Anarchist and radical community to have a visible (and vocal) presence at all their meetings and demos.
We must work together towards our shared goals while at the same time brining with us our own politics, tactics and ideas.

If we do not act not to establish ourselves as a viable part of a movement which has all the hallmarks of something not seen in the UK since the Poll Tax, then we risk being smothered by union bureaucracy and those who seek to use this opportunity to seize power for their own means.

A large proportion of Anarchist activities are based around single issue campaigns. We see Anarchists Against The Cuts as a banner these groups and individuals can unite under to form a visible and uncompromising part of the fight against the cuts. We do not have a membership, we do not have a fancy logo, we do not have formal meetings, we do not have newspapers to sell or a Facebook group to like. We are simply a campaign with one aim "No Cuts, No Compromise, By All Means Necessary!"

We should not waste energy to duplicate efforts already made by other groups. It you want to know what is going on and what you can do please attend the meetings of your local anti-cuts alliance or IWW branch meeting. (If there is not a group near you, form one). We are encouraging as many groups as possible to post their events and meetings on Indymedia.
Anarchists against the cuts are looking however to produce some straightforward jargon free literature.

We encourage Anarchists to attend the arranged meetings and demos, get involved with the campaign, distribute your own (or other groups) literature and take autonomous actions against the cuts.

See you on the front line & see you in the meeting room.

Anarchists Against The Cuts.

- Original article on IMC Bristol: