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Wickham Labs Demonstrations and March

Andy Robbins | 24.09.2010 17:15 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | South Coast

It's been a terrible year for Wickham labs, so please come along tomorrow and make it that little bit worse. Meet 12noon Mill House Car Park Wickham, Hampshire

Well we have defeated their move and expansion to Torbay Farm, they have been exposed by the BUAV in the Times and the Sun testing Botox on bunnies and maiming mice with ball point pens and they are currently being investigated by the Home Office due to these crimes. It's been a bad bad year for Wickham and it's 21 sick staff please come along to the March and help us make it that little bit worse.

As the Wickham labs site itself will be closed and blocked off, there are also plans to target over places linked to Wickham on Saturday and all next week. Animed Vets is one such target being partially owned by William Cartmell (the sicko who owns Wickham) and his wife. This vets actually started on the Wickham labs site and moved because they were worried protests would put people off.

tel 01329 833112 fax 01329 834307

Main office Botley Road, Shedfield, Hampshire, SO32 2JG

35a London Road, Cowplain PO8 8DF Tel 023 92 255102

220 Forton Road, Gosport PO12 3HW Tel 023 92 581616

3 Shamblehurst Centre, St Lukes Close, Hedge End SO30 2US Tel 01489 784427

237a Hunts Pond Road, Fareham PO14 4PJ Tel 01489 584747

305 Arundel Street, Portsmouth PO1 1NJ Tel 023 92 811656

Obviously as they are working vets please keep noise down to a minimum

and for more on Novembers BUAV investigation into Wickham:

See you in Wickham tomorrow, there are regular buses from Fareham so there is no excuse, once you get to the bus stop in Wickham square your right next to the lab.

To contact Wickham Labs directly:

01329 832511. Fax: 01329 834262

Andy Robbins
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  1. Thanks for the Animed details — Pete
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