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Confront the Tory Con in Birmingham

Indymedia Birmingham | 20.09.2010 22:27 | Public sector cuts | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

On Sunday 3rd October the Tory Party Conference begins in Birmingham. The Right to Work Campaign which is supported by a variety of trade union groups has called a national mobilisation against the conference. An autonomous direct action bloc was soon announced by a group known as No CPC who have posted a comprehensive list of venue targets.

Various possibilities to disrupt fringe events have also been announced, Class War have called for people to cheer their team on at the Tory Party Conference 'pub quiz' taking place in the evening of the mobilisation, and CPC have now announced a Reclaim the Streets Party.

On Tuesday 24th August a delegation from the Right To Work campaign met with West Midlands police to discuss the route of the organised protest march outside the Tory party conference on Sunday 3rd October. West Midlands police stated that they were happy for RtW to march past the conference centre and confirmed that centenary square, the square directly in front of the conference centre, would not be a “sterile zone”. Not surprisingly, on 2nd September the police reneged on the proposed route citing 'security reasons'..

Links: No CPC | RtWC | Fliers & Posters | Transport to mobilisation | Twittter updates

With the tories expecting discontent at their spending cuts, it is to be expected that West Midlands police are going to play a political role in curtailing protest. No CPC announced that regardless of whether the Right to Work campaign's pleading with West Midlands police to reinstate the march route would be successful or not, there would be an unauthorised autonomous bloc march taking place on the day of the conference. No CPC stated:-

"To organise with police a march route is in itself a forfeiting of our rights, and our responsibilities. Do we really believe the state would allow us a march if they thought it might have any effect?".

Meanwhile Some are predicting further discontent and anger following the Tory Party Conference.

No CPC have provided literature to promote the direct action bloc mobilisation. For transport info see the Right to Work Campaign website.

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