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How to Protect Animals From Hunters

Friends of Animals and Others | 18.09.2010 18:27 | Animal Liberation | Culture | Education | South Coast | World

Few are as courageous as Alex Pacheco, cofounder of PETA, and Dave Sickles,
who got onto a hunter lodge island to frighten the animals into hiding.
Here are some suggestions for those who wish to deflect hunters.

Cleveland Amory talked of seeing a buck with 12 arrows sticking in him
(a mobile pincushion). How to deflect this barbarism?

Every year the number of hunters declines. How to protect animals from hunters.

The Friends of Animals magazine recommended
1. encouraging neighbors with acreage to post their land 'no hunting'
2. in areas where only limited hunting permits are given, apply for one.. and take it from a hunter
3. drive the wildlife away the day before hunting season with loud radio, dog on leash
4. cow dung rubbed onto hunting blinds makes hunters irritable and more likely to miss
5. deer repellent available at many food and hardware stores (feed is a human chauvinist
word for food)... also little bags of human hair 2 or 3 ft above the ground
6. portable tape player of wolf howls
7. old stuffed toy animals in hunting areas... (hunters often don't check to see if an animal is real)
the noise of the gun may frighten off wildlife

The above tips were originally at Friends of Animals, a Connecticut based group

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