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[Brussels2010] No Borders No Precarity: For freedom of movement, smash ECOFIN!

No Border No Nation! | 17.09.2010 14:30 | Globalisation | Migration | Workers' Movements | World

Informations about the No Border camp and other initiatives in Brussels, from the 25th september to the 3rd october.
[If there is not indication about the language, it mean the links are in english].

In the last years, a lot of struggles [Fr] related to migration issues took place in Belgium.
In detention centres, revolts and escape attempts happen regularly, with
different degrees of success [Fr]. Outside these centres, collectives of migrants have organized and still organize hunger strikes, demonstrations or occupations [Fr] of churches and empty buildings,
in order to obtain the belgian nationality and to fight against belgian
anti-migration policies. Finally, various actions for freedom of movement
and against the deportation industry have been hold: legal support to
migrants, anti-deportation actions, sabotage against companies in the management of detention centres and blockades [Fr/En] of detention centres.

In this context of struggle, a No Border Camp is organised in Brussels
from the 25th September to the 3rd October. The location, the program and the principles of the camp have been published (you can also have a look to the travel coordination page).
Many actions are organized by different groups during the week, some of these actions
are directly related to freedom of movement, some other concern the
current Belgian presidency of the European Union and the global austerity measures.

Several texts have been published about the No Border camp and the ECOFIN summit:

- The "Nomade" magazine
- "About solidarity against repression" by some No Border activists.
- "When injustice is law, resistance is duty" by some No Border activists.
- "No borders, no papers" by Raoul Vaneigem.
- "Stop precarity, fuck austerity!" by the group "Precarious United".
- "A magnificent opportunity..." by the autonomous group "Schuman's third symphony".

No Border Bxl |
Precarious United | Enjoy Brussels
| Indymedia Bruxelles

No Border No Nation!


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