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Climate Rush present Nick Clegg with a large dose of Climate Viagra.

Ms C Rush | 16.09.2010 07:36 | Climate Chaos

Seven activists from the environmental group Climate Rush went to Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats Putney home at 6.00am this morning to offer him a human-size paper-mache ‘Climate Viagra’. At 6.30 police questioned the activists and asked them to leave the area.

Climate Rush outside Clegg's pad
Climate Rush outside Clegg's pad

Climate Rush leave the Climate Viagra on his doorstep
Climate Rush leave the Climate Viagra on his doorstep

Climate Rush show off their Climate Viagra
Climate Rush show off their Climate Viagra

Climate Suffragette, Deborah Grayson, is questioned by police.
Climate Suffragette, Deborah Grayson, is questioned by police.

On the morning before the Liberal Democrats party conference, Climate Rush had painted across the ‘pill’: ‘Get hard on climate change’. On the reverse of the pill was a petition stating: ‘Climate Viagra’ and a petition stating: We the undersigned ask Nick Clegg to put his position in government to some good by championing climate change legislation. Signatories included: Sue Perkins (television presenter) and Josie Long (comedienne). The seven climate activists were wearing t-shirts with ‘Don’t be impotent, be important’ written across the front and all seven wore a red ‘Climate Rush’ sash.

Deborah Grayson, a member of Climate Rush who has previously been arrested for superglueing herself to a statue within Parliament to protest against unabated coal fired power stations, said:

“We hoped this government would fulfil its promise to be ‘the greenest government ever’, but the withdrawl of support for a ‘Green Investment Bank’; the rumours that government will not commit to developing carbon capture and storage technology; and the cutting of key policy bodies, such as the Sustainable Development Commission tell the opposite story.

Nick Clegg has always said that he is dedicated to building a clean, green future but now he’s got some power it looks like he’s forgetting the promises he made. He’s about to face a difficult Lib Dem conference and we wanted to send him on his way with one message: the Lib Dems can do more than prop up a Conservative government. They could prove their worth by getting hard on climate change.”

Nick Clegg would not come to the door and instead his wife Miriam used a videophone intercom system to ask the activists to leave. After leaving the Climate Viagra on his doorstep the seven activists made their way to work. They will all be available for comment at the end of the working day.

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I hope they hurry up with the carbon capture

16.09.2010 09:50

The bandwidth used to download those HUGE pictures has generated a fair bit alone...........

...............Its not rocket science to resize pictures............. or are you in such a rush for your 5 minutes of fame you don't actually think much?


Quite right...

16.09.2010 13:15

... Bob, I bet they took the train to work afterwards too... yawn.


It is simply harassment to ...

16.09.2010 13:19

... visit public figures at their private addresses like this.

Unacceptable behavious by "protestors"

Backbone needed.

16.09.2010 13:25

You could haver presented him with a spine while you were at it.

Eco echo

How come they are allowed to do home demos?

16.09.2010 14:31

Animal rights people have been sent to prison for peaceful home demos (not the ones that involve smashing things up) so how come climate change people get away with it? I thought home demos were illegal now.

Good to see them doing it though, don't take this as a criticism.

And please someone resize the images! Can't Indymedia have something that automatically resizes the images when people upload them? Something like ImageMagick can easily do this.


Home visits

16.09.2010 15:42

Climate change home visits probably not being treated as too much of a threat because it's been greenpeace and climate rush, ALF is a carte blanche for repressive power-hungries to start hitting people, even when it's a peaceful demo etc.