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Squat / Convergence Space for the Tory Party Conference demos?

A | 14.09.2010 09:01 | Animal Liberation | Anti-militarism | Repression | Birmingham

Just wondering if there are any squats?

in Brum that could put up activists and support the protests on the 3rd October?

Please can you email me if there is?



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diy culture

14.09.2010 11:10

perhaps liberate your own space or help others to liberate one?? tories, labour, l dems, church and state all the same- the big thing about the cuts is that the Labour Party have paid off so mainly useless political appointees and non-jobs over the past decade. Thank the union bosses and their fat apparachiks for supporting them too. lLabopur oyut of power at the end of the seventies tried to take over any resistance too the fucking hypocritical fat wankers. Is this a country of brainwashed mindless dicks that have sleepwalked into corporate fascism?

their all the same

u r silly 2 have 2 ask here

14.09.2010 14:10

1. you must be abit inane to have to ask online. There are many groups in Birmingham you can approach yourself, who will advise you on this.
2. Not a good idea to be saying stuff like this on indymedia, since
(a) it is monitored by cops, &
(b) drawing a link between a convergence space and actions on 3rd Oct is a very bad idea - see what happened in London during the G20 last year:

ruth w