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3 Catholic Workers Arrested after Break-in at AWE Aldermaston

Catholic Worker | 06.09.2010 15:25 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

AWE Aldermaston Opened For Disarmament By Catholic Worker/Ploughshares Activists

Chris Cole, Fr. Martin Newell, Susan Clarkson
Chris Cole, Fr. Martin Newell, Susan Clarkson

Three Christian peace activists were arrested at AWE Aldermaston after opening the base for disarmament. The three, Fr.Martin Newell (43), Passionist Priest from the London Catholic Worker, Susan Clarkson (63) of the Oxford Catholic Worker, and Chris Cole (47) father of three - also from Oxford, cut a doorway into the outer fence of nuclear base. The group then attached a sign saying ‘Open for Disarmament: All Welcome’. The three then entered the base, through the new gateway knelt and prayed.

In a statement the three said: “We come to the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston to open a new gateway into this tightly guarded factory of death. We come inspired by the message of Jesus to love our enemies, to be peacemakers and to live act nonviolently at all times. This week marks the 30th anniversary of the first act of nuclear disarmament, the ‘Ploughshares 8’ and we act, inspired by that spirit of disarmament. We believe that AWE Aldermaston and its extensive and expensive new development programme needs to be exposed for what it is: a factory for the creation of weapons of mass destruction which have the power to destroy this beautiful world, given to us by God, our loving creator, to care and tend.

For further details contact Ciaron O’Reilly: 07939 290 576

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Update - 5.40 p.m.

06.09.2010 16:45

The three are still be held at Newbury Police Station - 5.40.p.m.


Out now

06.09.2010 19:40

They're out now. They've been charged with criminal damage, and the police are referring SOCPA charges to the Attorney General.

Virginia Moffatt
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BBC Website

06.09.2010 19:58

An article about TP demos this morning, this action, and detailing some of the problems associated with the site, fires, contamination etc now up on BBC website

Virginia Moffatt

Aldermaston news welcome on Oxford IMC

07.09.2010 14:40

BTW You forgot to tick 'Oxford' when you published this (I've now ticked it).

For future reference, anything related to Aldermaston is definitely considered relevant to the 'Oxford' area, so it'd be great if you'd post it to Oxford as well (by ticking the box).

Well done for the action!


Photos of the Disarmament Gate and Arrest

07.09.2010 15:16

The Disarmament Gate
The Disarmament Gate


Photos of the Disarmament Gate and Arrest

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Please keep your God bothering off this site and...

06.09.2010 15:59

please enough of these pointless TP actions that do nothing but give the god bothering middle classes a sense of selfworth.....

No Gods
No Masters
No Brainer

Aunty Christ


06.09.2010 17:24

Funny how these no god no masters gobshites are always spouting and calling for radical direct action. Here we have proper anarchists taking radical non-violent direct action against the empire and getting abuse from a silly fool whose limited world view doesn’t stretch far enough to recognise real hardcore activists taking on the empire.

Grow up Aunty Christ and grow a brain. You are a politically benighted fool who has tapped into a scene. A lifestyle is no match to a conscience. Wake up and show some solidarity to these people because if you are truly an anarchist you would see these people as comrades that you could learn from.

Today these people sit in a police cell full of integrity after waging peace as you sit in comfort in front of your PC slinging insults anonymously. Shame on you!!

Well done Susan, Marin and Chris.

raised fist

and what exactly have they achieved?

06.09.2010 17:37

the same as every pointless "non violent" god and state loving demo they have been involved in with ploughshares for decades...

Answer = fuck all except forcing thousands over the years to relinquish their DNA to the state..

But hey, you will always have your imaginery friend!

another Anarchist

Shadow boxers of the world unite!!!!

06.09.2010 18:26

another Anarchist are you for real hen?

You are accusing the ploughshare movement of

(a) “forcing thousands over the years to relinquish their DNA to the state..”?
(b) Being a “state loving”?

Do you not research before you comment on this site? Please stop putting foolish comments here. What have you achieved today then? Not very much it seems. Funny that you also post anonymously insults at three people who have the integrity to stand up and be counted.

raised fist


07.09.2010 09:37

Good luck and solidarity with the three. Great to see actions, not words. Hope all goes well!

Gregory Beetle

support not critism is the only way to bring results.

07.09.2010 12:29

First time at Aldermarston this weekend. What an awful place!

The people I met, regardless of their background are commited to raising awareness to this place and closing it down.

They are doing a great job and more power to them. If more joined rather than critised from the sidelines then we may gain success.

(And prevent £76 BILLION pounds from being wasted from the public purse)

An EDO decommissioner