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Film about antisquatting 7/9/10

sugra | 06.09.2010 08:34 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | South Coast

A Dutch film-maker is touring the UK with his film about antisquatting. Come see it at the Cowley on Tuesday!

Seven Dutch people of the 2 largest anti-squat agencies Camelot property management and Ad Hoc property management are followed to investigate what are the consequences of not having renters rights. Who are using the services of anti-squat agencies? And how do politicians, housing experts, lawyers and others involved judge this rising phenomenon. The documentary makes visible this hidden reality and tries to stir up the debate around what are better ways of dealing with empty properties.

In The Netherlands the documentary has stirred a big public debate in parliament and in the media.

Anti-squat agencies are rapidly spreading in Europe and are already active in The Netherlands, England, Belgium, France, Germany and Ireland.

After the film we will have a debate with the film-maker Abel Heijkamp, who is touring social centres and representatives from groups including ASS (Advisory Service for Squatters, based in London) and BASS (Brighton Advisory Service for Squatters).

The film is in Dutch, with English subtitles.
54 minutes long.

Kickoff 7pm, Tuesday 7 Sept

Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton

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ad hoc in UK

06.09.2010 11:19

Both Ad Hoc and Camelot have offices in Islington, London. Ad hoc boats of lobbying gevrnements ( in particular French and Belgium ). The future of billeting a dispossessed workforce and a way top drive down wages in line with IMF policy? When we discuss freedom of movement we forget freedom to stay put or to fight for land 'rights'/ to grow food and build our own shelters ( which takes time and if you are always on the move you cannot do ) to break free from the chains of state and not for the freedom to follow our international capitalist pig dog masters. It is interesting the list of restrictions these fuckers have for their properties e.g no repairing, visitors etc. and who the wish to populate these buildings ( single international professional classes )...

dispossessed britain


06.09.2010 15:32

yep more people need to be squatting and taking control of their living situation

i don't live in brighton, but i googled the film and you can watch it for free here -

it's quite a good window into the world of antisquatting

agree with above poster

i'm not being funny but...

06.09.2010 18:25

There is a guy in the video saying "Before ad-hoc i was homeless for 2 years."
At the same time, he has got a fag in his hand.

Im just curious as to why people feel they have money to burn on cigarettes and booze, yet supposedly can't afford to rent. It just strikes me that their priorities are all fucked. Buying a drug that causes self-harm whilst also not spending that money on improving your health and life with rent / decent food etc.

Even people with a social house, we burn a lot more of money on skytv, cigs and booze.
Its barking mad

not good enough