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The company "EDL Abdul" keeps...

@ | 31.08.2010 14:39 | Anti-racism

EDL Abdul should be more vigilant about the company he keeps.

Here is a photo of "EDL Abdul", one of the insignificantly tiny number of non-white EDL members, at the site of the EDLs "glorious triumph" in Bradford recently:

Presumably he is blathering about how his presence proves the EDL to be peace loving, fluffy pacifists committed to racial equality, as well as the only people engaged in serious drinking... sorry, "work" against the Islamic fundamentalist hordes (currently having their European conference in a cupboard somewhere). Notice the bloke in the red shirt? Well, here he is again, minus the shirt:

Oops! Perhaps they're shielding their eyes against the sun... in Wales?

Note to Indy admins: If you want to replace the links with the actual pictures, feel free - I'm no good with computer stuff.



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