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Is Facebook now reflecting the undemocratic, hateful grimace of global fascism?

Franz J, T, Lee | 30.08.2010 15:57 | Education | Globalisation | Workers' Movements

Against a 'Hatebook,' we can only survive by creating our own 'Lifebook,' the Book of Life, the emancipatory Book of Anti-Capitalist Love.

More than a decade ago, Newsweek published a headlined article: 'We are all a bit crazy.' What the magazine did not reveal was that modern capitalist globalization is driving mad the weather, droughts, floods, earthquakes, all plants, insects, cows and monkeys. Consumer mania and profit mongering definitely are driving nearly seven billion earth-dwellers, masters and slaves, straight to the loony bin, to self-destruction.

We present the following interesting article of Mike Adams to our readers: "Facebook devolves into dark web of anonymous hate speech" -- by Mike Adams From other related perspectives, in our articles, published in, we referred to the colonial-capitalist Mental Holocaust, to the 'education for barbarism' and the over all 'dis-sociation' to produce a slave mentality.

This article is an excellent endeavor to illustrate to the readers what is Orwellian 'Newspeak,' also the superstructural quintessence of a rising 'Brave New World' in the predicted sense of Aldous Huxley; a world fascist state of affairs, which is being globalized and which will be controlled by a 'One World Government,' in a global mode of systematic corporate destruction, ending up in mass genocide.

Also here in Venezuela, Facebook and similar internet projects are gaining great momentum and favoritism among the youth, and millions do not know anything about the social dangers of such ideological enterprises and communal joint ventures.

It is not that the common folk ... the workers and the subscribers to Facebook are haters ... are evil and aggressive monsters.

Capitalism has made them into bellicose wares, has converted them into alienated, ossified and cossified things, into 'exchange values,' into docile producers.

1. Ruling class ideology and religion, pharisaic big lies and hoaxes have destroyed their human, humane and humanist faculties; as 'speaking-tools' have converted them into pathological 'ignorant consumers,' into the belligerent reflections, violent reflexes and dark nether world shadows of their slave masters, of 'post-modernity,' of democratic 'transition,' of the modern 'zoon politikon,' of the Leviathan, of the 'Club of Rome,' of the 'Bilderberg Group,' of the aggressive, hate-injecting official Mass Media, in the cremating Moloch of the Murdoch Empire.

Against a 'Hatebook,' we can only survive by creating our own 'Lifebook,' the Book of Life, the emancipatory Book of Anti-Capitalist Love, that is, a Logical, Natural, Scientific Socialism, in few words, into real, true, Marxism today.

Franz J, T, Lee
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Hi I'm me

30.08.2010 17:08

That goes for Facebook and alternatives like Diaspora. We don't need your lies, posturing and shite here thanks..


Fuck Off Facebook

Here's a radical thought...

30.08.2010 17:10

How about treating Facebook as the horrible, corporate piece of shite that it is and leave it well alone?

Fat Kid

Re. Marxism

30.08.2010 19:12

Marx himself said that his theory of social and revolutionary process was inevitable and would be proved correct by history.

It hasn't been.

Why do you still believe his ideas?

mail e-mail:

not marxist thankyou very much

30.08.2010 19:33

I think it is better to let people use Facebook if they want to. Leave it up to the individual.

If you have a bunch of communists dictating what the common man can and can't do, then isn't that like Stalin? Isn't it best to let people make their own dicisions rather than a few privilledged chose what is best for the sheep?

This whole post seems to work under the assumption that everyone wants to become a Marxist.
Not in my name you want.

an ordinary citizen

Erm - the original piece is about natural health.

01.09.2010 12:40

This entire piece is based on a plug for an article attacking Facebook by a natural health promoter. Yet that article doesn't seem to justify the fascism-referencing rhetoric above.

Now, the bloke who wrote the original piece is clearly upset because some anonymous people have been mean to him online. But it seems weird for him to attack Facebook on this because.

1) Compared to the vast majority of websites (including Indymedia), most comments on that site aren't anonymous. Indeed, the whole point of it is people normally use their real names, photos and so on.

2) You tend not to get in a big dialogue with people on Facebook unless you accept them as your friends. You can also unfriend them very quickly if they're mean. If you're the kind of idiot who accepts friend-requests willy-nilly, you deserve any spamming you receive.

So what's he upset about? What kind of hateful campaign could have annoyed him? To hazard a guess, it may be something to do with the fact the bloke promotes "natural health" pills on his site, and it features a bunch of articles plugging homeopathy.

Thanks to Ben Goldacre and others, promoters of homeopathy have been getting a kicking online - and rightly so, given what an unscientific load of baloney it is. It really is weird some time who posters on Indymedia decide their allies are sometimes (like those who keep plugging Scientology).