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HLS Exposed Again - Primate supplier shows shocking cruelty

SHAC | 29.08.2010 17:22 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | World

SHAC has received a number of leaked documents detailing the purchase of hundreds of monkeys from China by Huntingdon Life Sciences between 2006-2008. The documents reveal, once again, how HLS and its customers are directly responsible for the horrible suffering of monkeys trapped for the international primate trade.

The documents include contracts, invoices, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service import permits, animal health certificates issued by the People's Republic of China, shipping routes, contact sheets, and miscellaneous e-mails (such as correspondence about a December 2007 trip to Florida by three HLS employees from the UK and US to tour Primate Products, Inc.'s quarantine facility and breeding farm).

Below is some of the information contained in the documents:

1 - A typical contract between Primate Products, Inc. (PPI) and Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS):

"Regarding the supply by PPI and the purchase by HLS" of between 100-400 "experimentally naive" Cynomolgus monkeys (crab-eating macaques) of Chinese origin, between 3 and 5 years old.
Purchase price: $3,950 each animal ("price includes crate, PPI collar, PPI toy"). Contract was signed March 1, 2006 by HLS's General Manager and Donald Bradford, President, Primate Products, Inc.

2 - A typical shipment of monkeys from China to HLS labs in New Jersey:

100 Cynomolgus monkeys, shipped 4 per crate, arrived in Los Angeles on October 26, 2005 following a 13.5 hour flight from Guangzhou, China (China Southern Airlines, flight #CZ327). The monkeys were then trucked from Los Angeles to Miami, Florida, arriving on October 29. In Miami, the monkeys completed quarantine and were again packed into boxes for the trip to their final destination: HLS laboratories in East Millstone, New Jersey.

For more information and to see the shocking photos, see:

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