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Stop the racists of the English Nationalist Alliance MFE & EDL Monday 30th Aug

anon | 28.08.2010 03:16 | University Occupations for Gaza | Anti-racism | Palestine | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

The racists and Islamophobes of the interconnected groups the English Nationalist Alliance, March for England and English Defence League will be holding a hate rally in Brighton over the bank holiday. They have claimed that they are "marching against Palestinian militants of Brighton" and their supporters, "extreme socialist students and anarchists". They will be meeting at 12.30 noon 30th August.

The EDL have taken part in race riots across the UK and support the ENA and MFE. Theya he placed pigs heads on mosques, attacked women, pulled off women's clothes, graffittied buildings near mosques. They claim that they are just against extremism but are against all Muslims as their actions have proved.

Stop the ENA!

Stop the MFE!

Stop the EDL!

Meet Brighton station before midday.



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EDL member killed in Leeds

28.08.2010 08:21

End the occupation of Afghanistan. Bring the troops home NOW.


EDL black section

28.08.2010 13:15

There is now an EDL black section by the way. Some people are simply against Islamic extremism and want to protest against it.


if there is an EDL "black" division then...

28.08.2010 14:23 should be renamed "The Uncle Tom Division" instead. Less than 20 years ago the EDL would of been the ones responsible for violently beating up blacks in groups of ten. Doesn't matter what color you are racism is racism

Judge Dread

Be on Queen's Road from 1230

28.08.2010 15:22

There is already a call out for people to be on Queen's Road from 1230, to converge at an airhorn, to stop the march. Rather than waiting at the station for the cops and fascists to hassle you.

anti fascist

Black section?

28.08.2010 15:46

No there isn't.

Next you'll be saying there's a muslim radical division!


@ Arthur [Charlie Flowers]

28.08.2010 20:13

Yes you're right BRING THE TROOPS HOME!


An EDL "Black Division"?...what happened to the EDL Zionist Division hoodies the EDL were getting?

Why are EDL protesting outside Ahava in Covent Garden? Has Anjem Choudhary been spotted shopping around there?


EDL Jewish Division

30.08.2010 09:52