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Keep EDL out of Covent Garden! Boycott Ahava demo 28th August 2010.

anon | 24.08.2010 11:35 | University Occupations for Gaza | Anti-racism | Palestine | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

The racist, nazi, Islamophobic and Zionist English Defence League have joined in protests to defend an Israeli cosmetic company, Ahava, in Covent Garden in opposition to FREE Palestine campaigners protesting against Ahava who sell Dead Sea Skin Care products. The Israeli Ahava cosmetic company sell Dead Sea products taken from Palestinian territory. Stolen goods from stolen land.

Ahava have a shop in Covent Garden and have claimed that their Dead Sea skin care products have "magical" properties for the skin.

While pampered people in London buy these expensive Ahava products Israel is raining white Phosphorous over Palestine causing deadly and disfiguring burns for the people on whom it rains down, including children.

There are fortnightly demonstrations against Ahava, 39 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London. the next demonstration is on the 28th August.

The English Defence League have been turning up to oppose the pro Palestine protesters. The EDL LGBT Division arrived on the 31st July, followed by the EDL Croydon Division the last protest.

Boycott Ahava! Stop the EDL!

Ahava is an Israeli company marketing products made from Dead Sea Mud and minerals. Ahava have a production facility on the illegal settlement of Mitzpe Shalem and extract the mud for their products from a site close to the settlement of Kibbutz Kalia in the occupied West Bank. Ahava profit from Israeli apartheid...

There have been several previous protests at Ahava, including two lock ons and several pickets.

PLEASE GO AND SUPPORT THE ACTION - 39 Monmouth St. Covent Garden,
London. WC2H 9DD.UK