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Sunrise Offgrid - reclaiming & redesigning our future - dancing our dream awake

viziondanz | 14.08.2010 16:57 | Culture | Education | Technology | South Coast

I have put together a bunch of videos after trawling through 65 hours of footage from last year- there is so much more to come - check them out and share them with your friends both on and off facebook. - Hopefully these videos will give you an idea about the content, ethos and process of this dynamic event. 2010 event 19th - 22nd august somerset

free your mind and dance your dream awake
free your mind and dance your dream awake

Sunrise Offgrid -So much more than just another festival, reclaiming
and redesigning our future - dancing our dream awake

its a very special festival and is much more than just another
festival, its about and processing the issues that stand between where
we are now and where we want and need to be - its about.. reclaiming
and redesigning our future, transition, about ACTION, about dancing
our dream awake. - creating a world that works for us all.

Big up for the Sunrise posse who give so much of themselves year round
to make this event and the sunrise celebration happen - thanks guys :)
enjoy - see you there thursday aug 9th -

** A montage of images and soundbites from the 2009 off grid
gathering, this will give you a a taste of the kind of conversations
taking place:



** breaking illusion through breaking the illusion that fire will burn you:

** Sunrise Off Grid 2010 - 19th - 22nd Aug - A Doorway To Our future

** i want a chocolate bath etc - kid's new world order

** The amazing Emma Harper @ Sunrise Offgrid

** More from Emma Harper @ Sunrise Offgrid

** a wonderful performance from morag of the marsh @ sunrise offgrid
- ( be sure to check out the song in the second part of this video "
the sun is rising" )

** Unedited, dynamic discussion - community & possibility @ Sunrise Offgrid:

** A powerful talk by William Bloom @ Sunrise Off-grid:

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