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50,000 children killed in Catholic Indian residential schools.

Paul King | 12.08.2010 22:38 | Education | Repression | Social Struggles

As part of "Protest the Pope" week a screening of the multi-award winning film "Unrepentant"
is scheduled for September 15th at Conway hall in London.

Recently, aboriginal elders in Canada protested about children killed in Catholic Indian residential schools. They maintain that it happened at the institution of the Vatican in Rome.

They named Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, as the one ultimately responsible.

They were protesting at the "deliberate genocide planned and carried out by Christian churches, in alliance with the government of Canada, against generations of native people, causing the deaths of more than 50,000 children".

Yet another example of the horrors caused by Christian missionaries.

Film Festival: Unrepentant

This multi-award winning documentary at last tells the truth about the almost unbelievable abuse and murder that took place in the Church-run Indian Residential Schools in Canada. It also explores Rev Kevin Annett’s efforts to document and make public these crimes – and the efforts of the church to stop him.

Start: September 15, 2010 7:30 pm
End: September 15, 2010 9:30 pm
Venue: Conway Hall
Cost: £3

JOIN "PROTEST THE POPE" and demonstrate on September 18th.

Paul King
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Those who protest against radical Islam are not racist either!

13.08.2010 09:53

Are you people who protest against the Pope racist? No of course not. And neither are those who protest against radical Islam like the English Defence League.

Against hypocracy

Not a race

13.08.2010 10:20

The Pope or indeed for that matter are not a race, the EDL are racists.
Religions are for believers, as is patriotism. They breed slavery and plenty of cannon fodder willing
to march off and die for god and country. States borders only exist for economic reasons, they create wealth., for a very samll minority, who will never be found on the (masonic) war memorials.

Pope on a rope

what ?

13.08.2010 23:02

Protesting against the pope isn't racist, how dya work that one out?




14.08.2010 09:35

Emma: "Protesting against the pope isn't racist, how dya work that one out?"

I'll assume you are genuine unaware and not being deliberately obtuse or trolling.

Race is just a vague classification of humans into groups based on their genetic background. You don't get a choice in the matter - it is decided for you automatically at birth. Religion, on the other hand, is a specific choice you make (at least once you are old enough to shake off parental brainwashing).

People don't protest against the Pope because he is a white European or a German (which could be seen as racist), they protest against him because he is head of a religion whose officials have committed many acts of abuse and murder over the years, and who cover up these abuses at a very high level.

Similarly, protesting against Islam wouldn't be racist either. But the EDL aren't just against Islam, they are (mostly) racist too, as can be seen by looking at what they do and say. They do pretend to not be racist, and possibly one or two aren't racist. But obviously most of them are.

We don't oppose the EDL because we think Islam is a great enlightened religion - it's just as bad as all of them. We oppose the EDL because of their racism and xenophobia, and their anti-working class and pro-state ideology.


the pope is a dope

14.08.2010 10:40

Its not a case of good pope bad pope either. John Paul II will have been well aware of all the abuse going on, as Ratzinger was his number 2, so to speak.
I've been through their regime of brain-washing and agree with the complete destruction of the church. The brainwashing is the same as the jews and muslims, parents of children should consider the implications of their mis-guided alligience to any patriachal, talking snake, burn in hell, messiah nonsence.


catholics are not a race

15.08.2010 10:37

2000 years of misogny, paedophilia, slavery,homophobia and building armies. It's not race - its power, just like its partner global-capitalism aka. war corporatism aka fascism. Don't be a useful idiot a fall for the divisive race trick.. BTW Mohammed was an imperialist capitalist warlord, the Vatican is the continuation of the Roman Empire, and the Christian soldiers of the CofE are just that. Anyone noticed the ammount of global racist ( preaching against white devils ) misogynistic Christian churches appearing in London too as of late preying on the poor and homeless. e.g Ministries of Fire, UCKG.

don't burn witches

Shome misteak

15.08.2010 12:25

The pope and indeed for that matter the catholic church are shorely not a race.

However, Britain has german royal family through the union of Elizabeth of England, daughter of James I, author of the masonic bible, and Frederik of Palatine, he of the Roscicrucians / magic gardens of Heidelberg. The winter king, of the Bohemian tragedy. Their daughter was not really in line for the throne, that would have gone to the so called young pretender, he was a catholic.
So in 1714 we ended up with George I, masonic hero, he was George Elector Hanover, he was one of the german protestant princes that elected the pope, seems a bit strange. He was also Vice Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire. Duke of a large chunk of Germany and King of England, although he never bothered to learn english. Protestants and catholics, round heads and cavaliers, good and bad black and white, it's all the same bullshit !! Racism is a minor detail, we are all slaves !!

Giorgio Primo