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English Defence League plans against Camberly Mosque in Surrey.

Anonymous | 10.08.2010 20:01 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic and racist organisation responsible for riots across the UK. They are organising against the plans for Camberly Mosque in Surrey. The reason? "It overlooks Sandhurst". The EDL say that they are against extremists such as MAC but have rioted against any town that has a Muslim community, and have attacked Muslims all across the UK.

The EDL have been making leaflets against the plans for Camberly Mosque. The plans were "scrapped" but the EDL have decided to campaign against the mosque plans "because the Mosque would overlook Sandhurst".

Previous articles on Indymedia have shown that the English Defence League have a blatant disregard for our troops about whom the EDL have leaked information.

The English Defence League are an extremist organisation who threaten the stability and economy of the UK. Wherever they have rioted cities and towns have lost out as businesses and shops have had to close. The EDL are ruining the economy of the UK by stealth. The EDL are un patriotically bringing the UK to it's knees financially and are causing chaos. The English Defence League are sabotaging Britain and in doing so are traitors.

Save Camberly from the EDL! Stop the EDL from destroying Britain!