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English Defence League [EDL] pre Bradford meet & party Sat 7th August in Seaham

Anti racists | 05.08.2010 14:38 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Sheffield | World

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic and racist organisation whose leadership and foot soldiers have links to the BNP, Combat 18, Blood and Honour, White Pride, English Shieldwall, English Nationalist Alliance and UKIP. The EDL have rioted in Stoke, Luton, Bolton, Dudley etc. They have been photographed and filmed giving Nazi salutes and with swastika flags. They are planning yet another riot in Bradford on the 28th August described by them as "the big one" [partly because the UAF have stirred it up as the "big one"]. This Saturday 7th August the EDL or "North East Infidels" are meeting at the Red Star Seaham for a pre Bradford meeting & an EDL party.

The EDL are meeting at the Red Star in Seaham, [North East England] 6.30 - 9.30pm to discuss Bradford and for a party. There will be kareoke and a raffle. The prizes for the raffle are EDL t-shirts, hoodies, badges and hats all donated by Tommy Robinson.

The EDL have arranged transport [probably a coach ie Johnsons] with pick ups from Luton and Cambridge. [No other pick up locations have been given as yet that we know of]. The EDL have booked five rooms at a Travelodge in Sunderland for the weekend. Tickets all in are around £35. English Defence Youth [EDY] will be attending.

Alex and the Bandits will be playing. Alex and the Bandits are an EDL band and have created an EDL song... "E E EDL" to rock guitar.

We ask that no one goes to this event or Travelodge with the intention of violence etc.

The English Defence League have been responsible for placing pig's heads on Mosques, pulling the clothing from Muslim women, smashing up shops, cars and homes of Asian people. They have sent death threats to peaceful anti EDL campaigners including women. Whenever the EDL "march peacefully" the shops in the cities affected have had to close which is affecting thousands of people. The EDL claim to support our troops but endanger and compromise our soldiers. Serving members of the British Army have been attending EDL meetings, marches and rallies wearing EDL shirts. This means that the British Army are attacking British Muslims, British civilians. The MOD have not [as yet] banned serving soldiers from attending EDL events and meetings or wearing EDL clothing. The EDL have an Armed Forces Division. This is very upsetting fro Britsh civilians. The British Army are attacking British people while taking part in EDL activity against British Muslims.

In Dudley a pigs head was placed on a Mosque by the EDL. Prior to an EDL protest in Dudley an EDL supporter threatened to break into Dudely zoo and find a boar, cut off it's head and the place the head in the Mosque to "teach Dudley a lesson". Dudley zoo is close to Dudley Central Mosque. Recently, EDL supporters placed a pigs head at Finsbury Park Mosque a few days before a planned EDL and ENA London march.

The EDL claim not to be racist but again and again are proved to be so.

Stop the EDL!

Anti racists


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