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Finish what Guy Fawkes started!

Tom Swizz | 04.08.2010 23:30 | Repression | Social Struggles

OK guys, remember the 5th of November? Of course you do! Well, lets do it all over again, and this time lets get it right! There will be a storming of Parliament on the 5th November starting at 12 noon... well, maybe more than just storming if we get it right!

Here is the event page on Facebook -

I am extremely disgruntled (thats being kind) with the way this country is going. Wars, bankers, government, capitalism, tax increases, NHS cuts... you name it. So, if you are angry or upset, even if you disagree the teeniest weeniest bit at the way any of the above mentioned problems are being handled, then I suggest that you make your way to Parliament by any means possible this November 5th to voice your anger. We are going to take back Parliament from the cheats and liars, and use it for the purpose it is now meant for - for the people to run THEIR country the way THEY want to.
See you on November 5th!

Tom Swizz