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pics from yesterday's ian tomlinson protest

rikkiindymedia(At)gmail[dot]com (rikki) | 31.07.2010 17:22 | London

around 200 people listened to an open mic outside the offices of the director of public prosecutions yesterday afternoon, before taking to the streets and marching to the spot where ian tomlinson was attacked by policeman simon harwood.

watched by a handful of police (in a very low-key operation), around 200 protestors gathered yesterday at midday outside the offices of the director of public prosecutions. they were protesting at the announcement by keir starmer that the policeman who attacked ian tomlinson at the G20 protests last year, simon harwood, will not face any charges at all over the incident.

keir starmer qc is known for a noble past as a fighter for rights. he helped bring an end to the death penalty in carribbean countries, and is known for overturning control orders on terrorist suspects. he was also responsible for establishing that the use of evidence derived by torture is inadmissable in british courts. and he gave regular free legal advice to the defendants in the 'mclibel' case.

however, since becoming the head of the crown prosecution service as director of public prosecutions in 2008, he has been involved in several controversial decisions, with the latest being his announcement over the ian tomlinson case.

the crowd listened to speeches and comments from several speakers on an open mic, among them chris knight, and mark barrett, who were very involved in organising and promoting last year's G20 protests, and also sam rigg-david (sean rigg justice campaign) who spoke of how the ipcc failed to interview officers for seven months and frustrated the family's inquiries after her brother died at the hands of police in brixton in 2008.

after about an hour, the protestors began an impromptu march into the heart of the city to the point where ian tomlinson was assaulted and died.

police attempting to facilitate the march were met with non-cooperation as they asked for the route and were continually given misleading information.despite this, they kept up and stopped traffic and closed roads.

after a brief sit-down in the main 'bank' junction, the protestors made it to the spot in cornhill where ian tomlinson met his fate. the road was closed off to traffic, and the demonstrators held a minute's silence.

people drifted away around 2pm, but then a much smaller group made the return trip to rose court to finish the day.

rikkiindymedia(At)gmail[dot]com (rikki)
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