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No more democracy village

Indymedia London Features | 29.07.2010 01:06 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | London

80 days ago the democracy village set up on parliament square. Now it has gone. After losing the court hearing on 16th July (press release), and sending a call out to stand up for democracy, the eviction started just after 1am on Monday night. The public square was fenced in and democracy out (pics | video), and the two people in D-locks couldn't stop this. No one was arrested, but calls were made for a day of non-violent direct action today and a people's assembly this Saturday 1pm.

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After our dear Boris had called the camp "nauseating" and showed more concern for what happened to the lawn than for the right to protest in a so-called democracy, not to speak of the people killed by British soldiers and the kids being send out to kill and be killed, the leader of Westminster Council, Colin Barrow, said he was "relieved this dreadful blight of Parliament Square has finally come to an end, and look forward to it being restored to its previous condition so all Londoners can visit and enjoy it". All those Londoners who are still alive. As long as they don't dare bring plackards.

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