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What would you change in the Police?

SpotOn | 26.07.2010 02:03 | SOCPA | Anti-racism | Repression | Terror War

The BBC wants the views of the public on aspects of policing.
Go on, have your say!



BBC just as bad.

26.07.2010 08:50

When it comes to a dodgy state and its horrible little cover-ups the BBC are just as bad as the police.

Its uncritical journalism of the worst kind.

Anything you post here which goes against the official BBC line gets deleted. The BBC are too concerned with keeping the police sweet or the regional crime stories dry up. This is always going to be nothing more than a 'BBC helps the police out excercise" by touting the police official line, which is:

More police officers on the streets, more money, more technology, more allowances, more erosion of record-keeping, more legal protection from litigation, more resources etc etc.

Its just a distraction from the real issue.

The police have no meaningful confidence in the law when its applied to them. They have conspired to obstruct the law and have comprehensively perverted the course of justice.

The police are illegal.

Their right to investigate themselves must be completely withdrawn, immediately.



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