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04:15 update: eviction nearly over

rikki | 20.07.2010 03:25 | SOCPA

around 150 people are around the square at the moment, including police, bailiffs, media and activists. equipment has been brought in to remove the d-locked activist. two more remain on the top of the A-frame scaffolding.

around half an hour ago, the activist above the kitchen area was surrounded by bailiffs who had climbed up, and he was escorted down.

the woman who was d-locked to the A-frame scaffolding has jsut been released with some cutting equipment, and she is now being removed from the square.

two people, a man and a woman, remain on top of the A-frame.

there are not thought to have been any arrests over the night.

the activist on the lorry is still there.

the ones on the A-frame are trying to push away ladders that are being put up to them. this strategy worked for the man on the lorry.

the square itself is now surrounded by fences. as per the last time it was fenced, there is a small indent behind brian haw's display as he has so far won the right in court to use this area for his protest. he has not been removed.

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