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03:25 update - democracy village eviction

rikki | 20.07.2010 02:31 | SOCPA

lock-ons still defending square. about 50 protestors still in the area, but square is being "cleaned up"

one person still locked on to scaffolding.
one person on top of the fences on a lorry - refusing to come down - surrounded by police - about 6 metres up.
another activist still on top of 'kitchen area'
council workers now picking up tents and other belongings and stuffing them in large plastic bags.
fence lorry driver has climbed up on the truck, and is remonstrating with activist, threatening him that he's going to move the truck.
there are around 50 police around too, but although they are assisting the bailiffs to some extent by doing some crowd control, they are fairly hands-off.
the road has been kept open throughout.

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