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parl square eviction - call-outs for actions

rikki | 20.07.2010 01:38 | SOCPA

two people are locked on to a huge scaffolding edifice. people escorted off the square are coming back on with little trouble. an activist in on top of the 'peace strike' box with a megaphone. there are call-outs for
1 civil disobedience tomorrow and
2 a people's assembly on saturday.

the bbc jamcam has now been switched off "to keep london moving".

there are around 60 bailiffs in orange jackets trying to escort people off the square and also unloading a lorry with fencing for the square. (this is boris's idea of allowing tourists to enjoy this world heritage site as his legal team argued in court!).

for a while, one activist jumped on to the lorry that brought the fences, and he managed to dance on top for a while.

at least two people are locked on with d-locks around their necks. they are locked on to a large set of scaffolding erected by villagers with several car engines weighing the whole contraption down.

menawhile another activist has scaled the large box at the back of the kitchen area and is evading capture and using a megaphone.

there are reports that bailiffs dragged someone down from the scaffiolding in a dangerous manner, but this is the only report so far of violence. police are currently present in small numbers and are 'hands-off' for the moment.

the villagers have made two call-outs:

first, an immediate 'peace strike' tomorrow to join in a day of non-violent direct action around the square, downing street, and parliament. activists and media are encouraged to join them all day in affinity actions.

second, they intend to continue to hold the weekly saturday afternoon 'people's assemblies' that they inititated.

if the square is not available for a people's assembly between 1 and 5pm this saturday, then they are asking people to come instead to 'victoria towers gardens' which is a pleasant riverside park just west of westminster along millbank.

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