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Emergency meeting on Iran convened in Parliament

Westminster Committee on Iran | 19.07.2010 07:32

A meeting will take place this evening in the Palace of Westminster. There are some public places available. If you would like to attend please email

A meeting will be held on Monday to discuss the current crisis with Iran ahead of the 76 day Parliamentary recess. The hurriedly arranged meeting will bring MP's and Peers together with security analysts and Middle East experts to explore ways to resolve the standoff and to assess both the dangers of military intervention and the risks associated with not taking action.

The meeting - "Iran: Which way Forward?" - jointly convened by the Westminster Committee on Iran, the British American Security Information Council (BASIC) and the Oxford Research Group, aims to provide a forum for opinions from all sides to be aired. The panel includes Jeremy Corbyn MP; Sadeq Saba, Head of BBC Persian Service who will give a his view of the mood in Iran; Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive director of the Henry Jackson Society who favours regime change in Iran and Ben Zala a security analyst with the Oxford Research Group which has just published a report warning of the dangers of military action.

Stefan Simanowitz of the Westminster Committee on Iran who will chair the meeting said today:

“With rhetoric on both sides ratcheting up, a fourth round of UN sanctions, unilateral US and EU sanctions and reports of military build-up in the Gulf, now is an important time for all MP's and policy-makers to come together to discuss a subject which is by far the most important of this Parliamentary session.”

Paul Ingram, the Executive Director of BASIC, who will start the meeting by giving an overview of the current situation said today:

“Our handling of Iran’s nuclear programme is a test of the non-proliferation regime. The demonization of Iran is such that it appears we are on a one-track punitive response even though few believe it will work but lack the imagination or belief in other options.”

TIME: 6.30PM - 8.30PM July 19TH

PLACE: Palace of Westminster

The meeting is open to the press but camera crews cannot be accomodated.

There are some public places available. If you would like to attend please email

Sadeq Saba, Head of BBC Persian Service
Jeremy Corbyn, MP
Dr Alan Mendoza, (Executive Director, Henry Jackson Society)
Paul Ingram (Executive Director, British American Security Information Council)
Ben Zala (Security analyst, Oxford Research Group)


A study “Military Action Against Iran: Impact and Effects” by Professor Paul Rogers was published by the Oxford Research Group on 15/7/10. Contact -

About Oxford Research Group
Oxford Research Group (ORG) is an independent London-based non-party organisation and think tank, which seeks to bring about positive change on issues of national and international security. Established in 1982, it is now considered to be one of the UK’s leading global security think tanks. ORG is a registered charity and uses a combination of innovative publications, expert roundtables, consultations, and engagement with opinion-formers and government to develop and promote sustainable global security strategies. Visit


Since 1987, BASIC has worked as an independent research and advocacy organization. Our research is respected and trusted, and widely used by many other organisations and individuals. We focus on transatlantic security and arms control issues as a means of creating a more stable and secure world. With offices, staff, advisors, governing board membership and patrons on both sides of the Atlantic, we play a unique role as a transatlantic bridge for policy makers and opinion shapers. Visit

About the Westminister Committee on Iran

Founded in London in 2006 the Westminster Committee on Iran aims to increase dialogue and understanding between Tehran and British parliamentarians with a view to avoiding military conflict with Iran. The Committee aims to build cross-party political support both in Britain and internationally. The Committee opposes nuclear weapons proliferation in any form. It respects international law and the bodies that are responsible for upholding it. Visit

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