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Democracy Village Eviction Resistance Call-Out

info(At)democracyvillage(d0t)org (Concerned Citizens) | 18.07.2010 19:22 | London

The Democracy Village lost its appeal against eviction on Friday. They are awaiting the final order papers from bailliffs acting on behalf of Boris Johnston and the GLA, after which they expect a police/bailliff operation to clear the Square and put up fences. Ironic that Boris is claiming the Square will once again be free for tourists when in fact he's going to stop it being used by anyone! The Villagers are requesting help to resist the eviction and have called out for people to attend the Square from Monday evening to "stand up for democracy".

Callout to defend/support/visit the VillageMon p.m/evening July 19th STAND UP FOR DEMOCRACY
Soldiers are dying in Afghanistan supposedly to defend democracy. Meanwhile a political decision has been made in the Court of Appeal to quash democractic protest.
The Village is safe at least until Monday, since the court did not yet print and post up the final order for eviction. That is likely sometime Monday morning. From then on the bailiffs are liable to come, but this is going to be a large-scale operation where they will need to block traffic from Square, so we think it is likely they will not try during peak hours in front of too many tourists. 
This means target time maybe early hours Mon/Tuesday. We are calling assembly to demonstrate for freedom of speech and protest from Mon July 19 6 p.m. onwards.
War or Peace, the choice is clear 
On Friday July 16 the Court of Appeal ruled that the Mayor of London can evict peace protestors from Parliament Square Gardens. From now on members of Democracy Village and anyone who supports our anti-war stance will have to obtain permission from the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and the Mayor of London in order to protest in Parliament Square. In future, if visitors to Parliament Square disobey the court order and assemble, camp or protest on the grass without a permit, they will be liable to eviction, imprisonment or seizure of their assets. 
At the heart of the case is the conflict between war and peace - between the warmongers in Parliament and the peaceniks in Parliament Square. It is the clash between Parliament's determination to continue sending troops to murder civilians in Afghanistan, and Protestors' resolve to end the killing and recall the troops. Warmongers may have won this battle but the peaceniks will win the war.  ln legal parlance, this case is about the conflict between primary and secondary legislation. Does the criminal law prohibiting war crimes in Afghanistan takes precedence over the bye-laws prohibiting damage to grass and shrubs in Parliament Square? Predictably, the judiciary ruled that it was more important to save the grass and keep Parliament Square free from protestors than it was to save the children and keep Afghanistan free from war.  If Boris thinks that a court order to keep off the grass will stop Peace Protestors from occupying the square, he has another think coming. We have chosen to stop the killing and to stop the killers; so until the troops are brought home and Blair, Brown and Boris are imprisoned for their war crimes, expect ever increasing levels of protest and civil disobedience in and around Parliament. The war on the warmongers has only just begun.

info(At)democracyvillage(d0t)org (Concerned Citizens)
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