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Do the "working-class" anarchists actually harm the real working-class?

Zefiris | 16.07.2010 21:07 | Analysis | Indymedia | Social Struggles

Just reading on Indymedia about some anarchists many exploits in "defending" the rights of the working-class and "opposing" capitalism and I realised something, 99% of what they do is vandalise shops, banks, companies etc....


Now, for example the attacks they brag about on Tescos where they smash up the shop, spray-paint, vandalise etc. Do these attacks actually help the working-classes cause?

The answer, no they don't. The people working in Tescos and even the managers are just typical working-class people, by vandalising the stores it means that.

A) There's a stronger chance of said stores closing down which then leads to working-class people losing their jobs and becoming unemployed, all thanks to the actions of a group claiming to defend the working-class.

B) In the long run it keeps the wage down, the owners of Tesco and the board of directors are NOT going to lose money if their stores get smashed up. All they are going to do is keep the wages down to cover the costs, lay-off people to save money in order to cover the costs of repairs and think twice about building any more stores in the area thus once again leading to the working-class missing out on job opportunities.

Then there is their campaign against the banks. Ok, so they don't like greedy bank-managers, I don't like greedy bank managers but the loony left in the name of anti-capitalism decide to fight this by vandalising high-street banks. This leads to the same problems I mentioned above, it also means that the banks will be closed temporarily whilst repairs are carried out which means people won't be at work which means that they will lose out on money.

Then there's our already stretched emergency services who have to take time out to deal with the lefties attacks on banks and shops when they could be better spent solving actual crimes commited against the working-class. Once again the actual working-class lose out.

Then there's the latest attack on Indymedia bragging about destryoing 3 mobile phone antenas. This leads to the same problems mentioned above where the company owners don't lose out, rather the working-class grunts lower down on the ladder do. There's also the fact this shows no consideration to the many working class who will be inconvenieced by the loss of mobile-phone use.

Plumbers, taxi-drivers, buildings, decorators etc...All require the use of a mobile to get jobs, place quick orders whilst on the job etc.

Once again it is the working-class who are harmed by the actions of the left-wingers commiting crimes in the name of the working-class.

Basically, does the working class need the left-wingers interfering? No
Does the left-wingers interfering and vandalism actually do anything to harm capitalists and greedy company owners? No
Does the lefts interfering and vandalism instead harm the interests of the working-class? Yes

Then I can move on to the left-wingers love of squatting. Now, does this do anything for the working-class? brings down property value in the local area which then means working-class people will struggle to sell their houses/get a lower price for their houses.

Moving on, their boycott Israel campaign. All they do by boycotting Israeli goods and companies is NOT actually hurt the Israeli government. Instead their actions actually hurt the working-class working for Israeli companies who they boycott.

I could also rant about their G20 protests and climate-change protests, all of which do nothing but leave a sky-high bill for the working-class taxpayer to pick up. the left-wingers actually do anything at all the help the working class cause?