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Shell to Sea campaigner attacked at sea last night.

bob | 15.07.2010 12:19 | Rossport Solidarity | World

Garda tells campaigner, “I have your last breath in my hands” .
Last night the first of 2 drilling platforms arrived into Broadhaven Bay.

A number of Shell to Sea campaigners entered the water in kayaks and rafts in an attempt to prevent Shell bringing in the platforms. They were met with 10 security boats & 5 garda water unit boats. Campaigners attempted to approach the platform but were prevented from doing so by Gardaí who overturned their kayaks.

One of the campaigners, Eoin Lawless managed to get close to the platform. When Gardaí overturned his kayak, he swam under the platform. A Garda then jumped into the water after him, and without giving any instruction proceeded to drag him from the water into the near by Garda boat.

Mr. Lawless said, “I had told Gardaí that I would leave the area but I was dragged from the water and they proceeded to kneel on my back. I was not informed whether I was under arrest or why I was being manhandled. One Garda then pinched my throat with his two fingers and cut off my air supply. He was obviously trained in how to do it. He held me like that for about 90 seconds, allowing me to take one or two gasps. He kept saying into my ear that he had my last breath in his hands.”
“It was terrifying. I truly believed he might kill me. We need human rights observers to come back down to Mayo as a matter of urgency” said Mr. Lawless.

Mr. Lawless received medical attention at Belmullet Garda station last night and was released. The second drilling platform arrived this morning; more news to follow.

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