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One Million Jobs Possible

Stop the Mad Cycle | 06.07.2010 13:55 | Education

Let’s be real amid a looming £1 Trillion plus debt bill, UK has to get a lot of people into paid employment including the able and willing indispensable volunteers.

Stop The Mad Cycle
Stop The Mad Cycle

Thanks Not Puzzled and Meal Ticket for your response.

I’m for paid employment.

MT is capable of working extremely hard, and has considerable skills, but ‘the current swamp of humdrum corruption’, default red tape ethics, unchecked extreme capitalist attitudes and a needless man made cash flow crisis has been identified to cause gridlock on progress way.

Being responsible for one self and becoming a brother’s and sister’s keeper (with emphasis to one with no hand in this dodgy situation) is hardly unending stream of nutterson.

Getting paid for work done is something employers do when you serve them well with your time, skills and money irrespective of class, crass or grass.

Commitment and care can stop the mad cycle.

Stop the Mad Cycle
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