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Kala Tara: the Asian Youth Movement and the fight against fascism in the 1970s

Workers' Liberty | 05.07.2010 18:03 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles

A film screening to open the Ideas for Freedom 2010 event.

7pm, Friday 9 July
The Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street, Euston, London NW1

In the 1970s, many thousands of British Asian youth became active around the Asian Youth Movement, a radical, secular, socialist-influenced network fighting against racism, police brutality and the threat of the far right.

Kala Tara (Black Star), a film named after the Bradford AYM's paper, tells the story. We are showing it to open Ideas for Freedom, the weekend of socialist discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty.

We will be discussing what lessons the left can draw for the fight against racism and fascism today, and why the decades since the AYM's heyday have seen a shift from secular, leftist towards religious and communal politics.

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