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Jailing dv residents is one step too far

Peace | 05.07.2010 06:35 | SOCPA | Iraq | Repression | Terror War | World

the gov have taken this one step too far.
some have suggested an eco village outside the prisons concerned. wandsworth common is on the doorstep.
some have suggested blasting them with some freeman truth. none of the judges are on their oaths for victimless crimes.

as you may know, 4 democracy village residents have been jailed for peacefully opposing the illegal w*rs in afghanistan and iraq.

simon, a seasoned peace campaigner, and one of the most peaceful tolerant people i know, has been jailed for 20 days for contempt of court for taking a peace flag in with him. Anita and Katie, more lovely peaceful people than you could hope to meet, have been jailed for 7 days for obstruction of parliament.

this is totally unacceptable in a so-called democracy. the government and army can kill hundreds of thousands in illegal w*rs yet men and women who peacefully stand up to them are jailed.

this shows how inherently weak the system is because it relies on overwhelming force, intimidation and draconian deterrents. true power will always overcome force, everytime.

afaik no judges are operating on their oaths because no one knows or dares to ask. see youtube - anti terrorist - standing in court (transcript on his website.

i've seen this used 7 times now and it's been done many more. afaik no judge has confirmed that he's operating on his oath for a victimless crime, and has preferred to leave the court rather than answer. keep doing it and they give up. with civil matters it's more difficult as there's no requirement to appear and judgements are made in your absence, sometimes even before you go to court!

it's pure money making and control.

Peace, Love, Compassion, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Abundance to all beings - Yes even the oppressors, else nothing will change. they are like they are because of a lack of love as children.



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