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democracy village: two jailed - URGENT call for support of third in court today

rikki | 03.07.2010 14:32 | SOCPA

as two women from the peace camp have been jailed for seven days each, the democracy village has called out for court support for a third man who is threatened with 60 days in prison and who will appear in front of a notorious judge at horseferry road magistrates court this afternoon (yes, saturday 3rd july) at 5pm

after yesterday's protests in parliament square and whitehall (, two women have been sent to holloway prison for seven days.

a third protestor, simon, who his known for his absolute dedication to non-violence, has been charged with obstruction and contempt of court, and is appearing in front of judge nicholas evans at horseferry magistrates court this afternoon at 5pm.

his supporters at democracy village have called for people to come to the court as he is threatened with a prison sentence of 60 days.

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