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Operation Rolling Thunder is GO,Parliament square activist Olympics begins.

Relentless Networker | 03.07.2010 00:53

Mass Civil disobedience actions called for peace

Operation Rolling Thunder
Peoples Assembly/Democracy Village (PA/DV)
Call out to all Peace,Activist ,concerned citizens groups
and members of the Public. Date 1st July 2010 This is London Calling ,Time for Action Stations.

Because in the recent court case for the Democracy Village Parliament Square the judge ignored our rights we have chosen to launch ' Operation Rolling Thunder ' a mass campaign of civil disobedience and Non Violent Direct Action.
W e will be networking to and emailing up to 1,000 Peace, Activist ,Concerned Citizens groups in the UK and Internationally, asking them to come and support the Peace Camp in a number of ways.
When your government is involved in Illegal Wars for resources ,and refuses in a democracy to listen to the majority of the population.(75% of the public want the war in Afghanistan to end and the troops to come home according to polls in the Telegraph and the Independent)
Then it is time for a mass programme of Action.
The Peoples Assembly(PA) / Democracy Village(DV) is part of a world wide movement linked to Activists ,Indigenous and NGO networks, who at Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009 called for Peoples Assemblies to be set up across the world throughout 2010.Because our governments have failed to safeguard us and our children's futures from environmental chaos. So it is up to everyone to meet in their area discuss and put into action their plans for a sustainable Peaceful future ALL ARE WELCOME at these circular discussion forums on the future. Set one up in your area.
The Peoples Assembly /Democracy Village (DV) was set up out of meetings on active resistance to the War. Parliament Square was occupied on May 1st as a discussion Forum on the Future and Peaceful Protest. It has now been there for 9 weeks which has been filled with discussions workshops,debates and action.
Ways you or your group can help:
1st Civil Disobedience :NVDA actions ,banner drops,sit ins, blockades, climbing, picketing government departments,collaring MPs,bring your climbing gear or D-Locks,any imaginative,creative and most importantly effective and Peaceful actions.
2nd Camp Support :for those groups and individuals who want to help in other ways we ask:
1) Help with the Welcome Area ,meeting and greeting the public into the PA/DV discussion forum.
2 ) Keep the area clean and tidy, helping to keep the camp running well and focussed organise meetings ,discussions and workshops etc.
3) Bringing food,making tea and coffee or maintaining and watering the Peace Garden.
Help with Operation Ghost continuing the discussion and actions even if the tent village is evicted.
making the possession order and injunction unworkable.
Coming along to Daily facilitated democratic consensus meetings at 10am and 7pm or
Weds 7pm Talking Circle /Fridays 5pm poetry singing and music circle,
Sat 5 Pm Peoples Assembly 5pm Discussion Forum on the future, a large circle where all introduce themselves then split into smaller groups to discuss the issues sugested. The process is recorded and an email is sent out of the highlights of what was discussed.
Sundays 1pm onwards Peoples Picnic :Bring food to Share
Indymedia articles and video:
WEBLINKS: / Follow us on Democracy Village Facebook Group.Get in touch to let us know what you or your group can help with or ring Village mobile 07981877462,Mike 07799887008,Camilla 07962 889459 or Phoenix 07769 791387
Please if you care about a Peaceful Sustainable Future for all our Children then Network this to the maximum of your ability. Send it to all your email lists,post it on websites,Face book,Twitter,text it out,download our fliers from the website and network face to face with people in your area.
Become a relentless Networker for Peace. Network it to the Max

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