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5 EDO decomissioners found NOT GUILTY!!!

smashedo | 30.06.2010 15:35

Smash EDO

Press Release

Wednesday, 30 June 2010 15:52 UK

Hove Crown Court, Brighton UK

5 Gaza Bomb Factory Decommissioners NOT GUILTY!

Jury Still Out On 2 others

The jury in the trial of seven activists who decommissioned a Brighton
arms factory to prevent Israel war crimes in Gaza in January 2009, have
been found not guilty of Conspiracy to Cause Criminal Damage by unanimous
verdict in Hove Crown Court.

Simon Levin, Tom Woodhead, Ornella Saibene, Bob Nicholls, Harvey Tadman
have all been acquitted.

Two others Elijah Smith and and Christorpher Osmond await a verdict.

The court sits again on Friday where the last two verdicts are expected to
be announced.

A press conference will be announced on Friday when the final two verdicts
are expected.



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30.06.2010 17:26

Bloody nice one. Let's hope the other two get the same verdict!
Solidarity x


Great news

30.06.2010 18:15

Thanks for the update

Well done to all involved

Well stoked!


30.06.2010 19:40

That's amazing news. Bodes well for the future.

Glad their imprisonment is over.



30.06.2010 21:43

That's great news! Good luck to the other two - hope you stay safe and free :)


only imprisoned still in prison

01.07.2010 01:55

unfortunately it is the two that are left in Lewes nick that were the only imprisoned ones aberanarcho. Heres hoping that they will overcome their additional charges and join us ready for the weekend.
congrats and well done to the other five, hope it went well at lewes nick tonight


great news

01.07.2010 09:45

this should be an inspiration to us all. lets hope the 'stop the war coalition' will learn some real war stopping tactics from these brave individuals.
never stop fighting!



01.07.2010 23:24

oh well, theres always next time.