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Academy Schools: possibly 1,567 more by September, ARK, FRS, involved

Caz | 29.06.2010 22:33 | Analysis | Education | Globalisation | Birmingham | World

A list of 1,567 schools which have expressed an interest in becoming an academy in England has been released by the government. Are your children in one of them, or do you teach in any of these schools? You might like to be aware of what this is actually about.

Parents and anyone who has anything to do with children might like to check the following list of 1,567 primary and secondary schools and see whether children, parents and teachers are going to arrive back in school in September with an 'Academy' sign out the front, as this is as much debate as there is going to be. The Anti Academy Alliance is the very controlled opposition, completely ineffective as it is intended to be, now giving 'advice' and currently giving talks across the country on how to prevent these academies from going through. Rather co-incidental that they began this a few weeks ago, before the following list was released.

The new school curriculum going into schools behind everyone's back 'Opening Minds' was devised by the Royal Society of the Arts (patron the queen, president prince Phillip). This is being trialed at the RSA's own academy in Birmingham, where children are taken into the school at the age of 6 weeks. People from 'Future Leaders' are now implementing this in schools; 'Future Leaders' is funded by Ark.

Now don't forget, Ark Academies are connected to the Dutroux scandal (likened to the Jersey case, hence the silence on this), and ARK 'Absolute Return for Kids' is now mentoring head teachers in state schools, not just sponsoring academies, and is involved in international adoptions - a front for child trafficking - across Europe.

Maybe many in Britain are not aware of what Britian as the British Empire was capable of, but plently of us from the 'colonies' most certainly are. I strongly suggest people start paying some serious attention to this. This is, of course, the John Adam St Gang at work, Ark and Future Leaders is located at 15 Adam St, the 'Royal Society for the (dark/occult) Arts' is at 2-8 John Adam St.

Dcsf have also recently indicated an interest in having extended jurisdiction over children, to go beyond what they currently have, roughly normal school hours.

Go to the youtube videos for more on this:

The following from the BBC website, released under FOI:

A list of 1,567 schools which have expressed an interest in becoming an academy in England has been released by the government.
Published under freedom of information laws, it includes 828 schools rated "outstanding" by Ofsted.
These top schools could be fast-tracked to academy status by September, stepping out of local authority control, if legislation is passed.
They include primaries, secondaries, grammars and faith schools.
Among the outstanding schools interested in the change, 36 are from Kent, 30 from Surrey and 27 from Hertfordshire.
Full list of schools sorted by local authority [277kb]
At least 52 grammar schools and at least 186 Church of England and Catholic schools have registered an interest.
At least one Sikh school, one Islamic school and two Jewish schools are also on the list of interested outstanding schools.
Junior education minister Lord Hill said that more than 900 outstanding schools were interested in becoming academies.
The Department for Education said not all the names of these had been published because it had not yet been able to contact them to tell them their details were to be published.
He added: "Every school expressing an interest will have a named contact in the department, who can answer their questions and guide them through the process.
"At the same time, we expect schools to keep their governors, staff and parents updated on progress.
"This is a genuinely permissive policy, there is no pressure for any school to convert by September, and they can do so at any time, when they feel they are ready."
General secretary of the National Union of Teachers Christine Blower said those interested represented a tiny percentage of schools.
"The vast majority are extremely wary of cutting themselves free from their local community of schools and from the in depth support and advice provided by their local authority.
"It is this majority that simply do not recognise the picture of autocracy and oppression which Mr Gove paints of local authorities."
Among the 739 non-outstanding schools that have expressed an interest are at least 17 grammars, 192 primary schools and 102 Church of England or Catholic.
There are also at least five independent schools among those seeking academy status.

(Note the statement in the above 'This is a genuinely permissive policy'. It certainly is.)