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Lewes Road Community Garden Demo Mon 28 June 3.30pm

gardener | 27.06.2010 09:04 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | South Coast | World

Say no to Tesco. Developers Alburn Minos Ltd acting on behalf of Tesco and a betting shop are coming to take possession of the site which is next to the Co-op on Lewes Road, Brighton. Have your say...

Bully-boy tactics typical of Tesco and corporate scum greed are being used to hound two guerrilla gardeners. They have been named on court eviction papers and face £7,000+ costs even though one of them is now no longer involved in the project and the other homeless.

In May 2009, a group from the community took over a derelict Esso garage and set up the Lewes Road Community Garden - now a lifeline to some and a much loved meeting space and green haven for others, along the busy, traffic-clogged Lewes Road. It has been enjoyed by thousands of people, providing a venue for community events and bringing together local residents many of whom don’t have gardens themselves. There is a food waste compost scheme, vegetable growing and Fairlight school-kids have their own 'pot up a plant' project.

Tell the developers what you think of them:

Alburn Minos Ltd

CEO of Tesco: Terry Leahy
Tesco head of media/ PR Jonathan Church