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EDO Decommissioners Round 2.

Darth Vader | 18.06.2010 18:37 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast

The defence get their first victory under their belt as one defendant gets their case dropped at the beginning of the week, followed by the start of the defence case with Decommissioners Ornella Saibene and Robert Nicholls taking the stand along with character references for each.

Rosa Bellamy walked free on Tuesday as it became clear how weak the prosecution's case was against her. The judge ruled the prosecution's evidence lacked the substance it needed to prove beyond doubt she was part of a conspiracy to cause damage and so directed the jury to find her not guilty. In his words "There is no guilt by association. The fact that she knows some of the co-defendants is neither here or there."

Yesterday Thursday (17th) the defence entered the stage with Decommissioner Ornella Saibene taking the stand first- she was confident and precise in her answers during questioning and didn't falter even when provoked with prosecution twists of facts.The jury heard character references for her earlier today (Friday) that showed her to be an intelligent, conscientious and caring person. Proceedings ended with Robert Nicholls's examinations. He got off to a very good start, coming across as a compassionate, demure, educated person with high moral values. His character references reaffirmed this.

The prosecution have made references to time scale- trying to point out if the defendants felt it was an emergency that needed to be stopped as soon as possible, how come they had a meeting on Wednesday 14th January where they decided to go ahead with the action but did not implement it until Friday evening on the 16th January? Well seems pretty obvious that even a spontaneous decision cannot be carried out instantaneously, they decided to Decommission a bomb factory located in a different city not pop to the local pub! Another weak comment bandied around by the prosecution relates to the issue of publicity and how the action came about just to get some press on the situation rather than prevent a greater crime. Are they honestly trying to suggest in all seriousness that anyone aware and as well versed as these guys in the Palestinian conflict would think smashing up a bomb factory in Brighton will generate publicity that will equal or surpass in magnitude reports from Gaza at the time of Operation Cast Lead? Did the prosecution have their eyes open when the news reports from Gaza were being played in court? The only reason video statements were created by the Decommissioners where to explain the reasons behind their deeds, to cast a light on the lawfulness of their actions to those that slumber through the atrocities of war without blinking merely because it doesn't happen in their back yard.

It is becoming increasingly clear to onlookers that the Decommissioners are not rebels without a cause- in fact their cause was very lucid and honorable. As they became witnesses to Operation Cast Lead they took an action that all of us should have felt compelled to do if we could as our duty being part of the human race. Political reaction to Israel's military assault on the Gaza strip underlined total failure of democratic processes to protect those in need, to protect the weak, to save children, to save women, to save men- none of which had ever committed an act that justified their brutal annihilation. Israel seek to extinct, whilst the West seeks to fill it bottomless financial pit with more arms trade profit created by the destruction of innocent lives and the continued suffering of those that live through operations such as Cast Lead. How can not every single person that comes across realities of war crimes not want to stand up and Decommission whatever link in the chain of terror they can? That is not criminal damage, it is a necessity.

Court convenes Monday 21st from 10.30am- all are welcome to attend.

There are two benefit events in support of the Decommissioners this weekend.
Sat 19th
*8pm, Gig: Rita Lynch (ferocious and compelling punk rock from Bristol), The Sylence, Bobby McGees, Brighton Quarrel. Benefit for the EDO decommissioners. £4 donation.

Sun 20th
*2pm-6pm: Sunday roast £4 followed by 6-9pm Gig: WildkatZ (acoustic jam) with open bar. Smash EDO trial fundraiser. Donations.

Come show your support!

Darth Vader


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Isn't that normal?

19.06.2010 21:41

Over here it is NORMAL that all defendents are acquitted on some of the charges and in a multiple defendent case often some of the defendents acquitted on all of the charges. There wouldn't be much point to the trial process if all charges going to trial resulted in conviction. Procescuters aren't supposed to bring bad charges with little or no chance, in other words, shouldn't try unless more likely than not. But if they only brought charges when 100% certain of conviction wouldn't be doing their job and would be making a mickery of the trial process.

Is it that different on your side? You count it as a victory if there are SOME acquittals? That isn't expected?


You make some bizarre points, MDN

20.06.2010 14:17

How come you always comment on UK Indymedia when you are seemingly in North America somewhere? Not saying you shouldn't, it's just weird.

Sure, sometimes people are acquitted and sometimes not. It's still something to be celebrated when someone gets off a charge, even if it's not a totally unusual event.

How about you just say congratulations to the person who was acquitted and good luck to the rest of them?


inclined to agree

25.06.2010 09:23

i do agree, whats the point in arguing finer issues on the crown prosecution service 'remit' when it comes to pushing cases through the 'archaic', 'draconian', ultimately 'fascist', courts process,

although, the actions of police and state when it comes to court cases should always be up for analysis if we are to learn as a 'movement', as it were, because that way, those of us peeps who arent' well versed in whats what with the courts and stuff, might learn a new thing or two.

I think MDN was merely pointing out that its no 'biggy' to get acquitted, and in some cases it isn't.

but this case, MDN, is REALLY important to 'us' over 'here' - wherever the fuck we are! - so lets not fight yeah or bicker, yeah? now shake hands say sorry...
lets learn and move forward.
good luck to all involved in the defence.............SMASH EDO