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Support Lewes Road Community Garden at County Court Demo

summer sun | 17.06.2010 21:49 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Free Spaces | South Coast | World

Lewes Road Community Garden is facing eviction to make way for a Tesco and betting shop. Come down and support the gardeners and put communities before corporations, people before profits. Demo at 9am on Monday 21 June at Brighton County Court, William St, (just down from Magistrates Court) Brighton.

Lewes Road Community Garden in June sunshine
Lewes Road Community Garden in June sunshine

Developers, Belfast-based Alburn Ltd, acting on behalf of Tesco and a betting shop have applied for Monday’s possession order.

The site is an old Esso garage forecourt which had been derelict for years before guerrilla gardeners cleaned it up in May 09.

Now gardeners and local residents - 3,500+ have signed petitions supporting the garden - are refusing to make way citing their community compost scheme; ‘plant up a pot’ project for local school-kids; Sunday eco-fayres; gardening workshops; film nights...

summer sun


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