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195 | 17.06.2010 14:30

Invisible Theatre/Cafe/Projection/Movie about Venezuela


this friday is june 18th, it happened by chance that the Forum Theatre
Group is going to the streets...

from 2 to 5pm. Using Public Space!
Picknick Theatre Workshop in a Public Space (Public Space TBC).

Invisible Theatre is a play that is performed in a public space without informing anyone that it
is a piece of theatre. It is a direct intervention in society, on a precise theme of general interest,
to provoke debate and to clarify the problem that must be addressed.

from 6pm they will move to 195 Mare St where they will project “BE USE-LESS!”
pictures documenting an initiative from the City Mine(d) collective (be use-less!)

at the same time Hackney Squatted Cafe will serve gnammy vegan food

and don't forget

at 7.30pm Listen to Venezuela, documentary which evokes the scale and
difficulties of radical social change in a political and poetic collag. The
directors will introduce the film and do a Q&A afterwards

- e-mail: boardsofhackney AT safe-mail DOT net